Corrie fans accuse Kevin Webster of being a ‘hypocrite’ over Abi’s baby news

Coronation Street fans have slammed Kevin Webster for being a ‘hypocrite’ after he criticized Abi Webster for her one night stand, despite him having an affair with Molly whilst he was with his then-wife Sally

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Corrie: Kevin Webster tells shocked Jack Abi’s baby news

Coronation Street fans have accused Kevin Webster of being a “hypocrite” after he criticized Abi over her baby news.

During tonight’s episode of Corrie, Kevin found out his wife Abi had a baby – and that he was not the father, but fans took issue with Kevin’s criticisms of his spouse as he hit out at her for having an affair.

Fans of the ITV soap were quick to remind Kevin that he too had a child from infidelity, as he had his son Jack from of an affair he had with Molly, whilst his then-wife Sally was battling breast cancer.

Abi was surprised by the baby’s arrival



Angry fans took to Twitter to chastise Kevin for his reaction.

“Kevin being all high and mighty even tho he had an affair and had a secret child whilst poor Sally had cancer #corrie“one fan shared, whilst another penned:” Kevin acts all high and mighty when he literally cheated to create Jack #corrie. ”

A third shared: “Kevin must have memory loss .. didn’t he sleep with Molly when he was with Sally? And that’s how Jack was made.”

“Kevin is so hard on abi that had one night fling but he had whole fling with molly behind sallys back and hence jack was born #Corrie“a fourth fan of the soap fumed on social media.

Kevin and Abi might be married – but will they make it through this?



Others admitted they were “annoyed” by Kevin’s apparent forgetfulness.

“Am I the only one annoyed with how much of a hypocrite Kevin is? He had an affair and child with his mates wife #corrie“they wrote, whilst a second added:” I’m sorry, I can’t take any of what Kevin’s saying seriously, it’s ridiculous.

“Somebody remind him where Jack came from !! #Corrie. ”

Abi’s baby arrived far too early

A third penned online: “Kevin really can’t take the high ground can he really with Abi and the baby he had a baby with Alison in the 90’s and with Tyrone’s missus years ago #Corrie. ”

Corrie’s Sally Carman – who plays Abi – recently explained why her character is struggling so much in the wake of the baby’s arrival.

“She’s completely wrecked the start of his life in her head, and she has nothing offer to him. She’s already messed him up, he was born too soon probably because of the drugs, that is what she thinks,” she told The Mirror, “She has no home anymore, no relationship, no prospects, no job, what could she possibly do for this child other than give him a chance by giving him up.”

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