Daredevil Reboot Rumours Are Swirling After Production Listing | TV Series

Let’s get something out of the way immediately: the following should be taken with a pinch of salt. Or, a mound of salt. Or, enough salt to fill a massive hole in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen, excavated by an ancient order of ninja ne’er-do-wells. But clearly, there are plans afoot at Marvel involving Daredevil – who was officially brought into the MCU proper in Spider-Man: No Way Home when Charlie Cox made a much-rumored cameo as blind lawyer Matt Murdock. Since then, the set of streaming series formerly known as the ‘Netflix Marvel shows’, and now named ‘The Defenders Saga’, have migrated to Disney +, and there’s been much speculation of what’s next for some of those characters. With the character rights now back in Marvel’s hands, they’ll surely be doing something with the Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen.

Now, there’s another possible development. Industry publication Production Weekly has posted its latest issue, listing more or less every screen project currently in the works – and among them is a mention of ‘DAREDEVIL REBOOT’. Make of that what you will. Is there a fresh run of Charlie Cox episodes being cooked up at Disney +? Could Marvel Studios be working on some kind of Daredevil movie? Is it a project that involves Daredevil in some capacity, mistakenly listed as a reboot focused around him? Nothing has been confirmed, Marvel hasn’t spoken about any specific plans, and this shouldn’t be considered any kind of official or unofficial announcement. But, that listing can be found on Production Weekly among all kinds of other projects that are very much official – including Marvel’s Echo series (which is also rumored to include some Defenders characters), the recently-confirmed Deadpool 3 directed by Shawn Levy, and Sony’s Madame Web movie, which is currently racking up new cast members at a rate of knots.

If there is more Dare devil on the way, that would be great news – not only to have Charlie Cox back in that red devil suit, but possibly to pay off the heavily-teased Bullseye arc promised in the show’s third (and unexpectedly final) season on Netflix. Stay tuned for any kind of official announcement if the listing is accurate – and if it’s been posted in error, here’s hoping whoever’s responsible has a really good lawyer.

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