Dozens of petrol stations charging £2 a litre for petrol, despite falling wholesale costs

Dozens of forecourts across the UK are charging at least £ 2 per liter of petrol, with further rises expected overnight, the can reveal.

Multiple petrol retailers in almost every UK region were selling fuel for at least 199.9 pence per liter over the past three days, despite the dip in wholesale prices reported last week.

For motorists who pull in at these stations, the cost of filling up a typical 55-liter family car comes to £ 110 – and this price is set to increase in the coming days by at least 10 pence per liter in some cases, analysists believe .

Price comparison site has collated data from hundreds of forecourts across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from Sunday to Tuesday and, in nearly every region, the top two or three most expensive retailers were selling petrol for £ 2 per liter or blackberries.

The lowest price for a liter of petrol among the top three dearest retailers in all UK regions was £ 1.94, in Northern Ireland.

Fuel prices at the pump have broken records repeatedly in recent weeks, with the war in Ukraine driving the cost increases.

The average cost of petrol at the pump reached £ 1.65 per liter today, breaking Sunday’s record of £ 1.63, which had itself surpassed the high of £ 1.61 set last Thursday.

The average price of diesel hit £ 1.76 today – also a record.

This is in spite of wholesale prices starting to fall last week after they spiraled out of control in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine three weeks ago.

Last Monday, wholesale petrol prices stood at 75.8p per liter, while diesel cost 89.8p, according to figures from roadside assistance firm AA. On Friday, following the drop in oil prices, the cost of petrol had fallen more than 10 per cent to 67.7p and diesel 14 per cent to 77.3p.

Industry experts suggested that drivers might finally see pump prices level off this week as a result, but has warned of even steeper increases to come before the weekend.

The site, which typically attracts around 70,000 views per week, said it had experienced an unprecedented one million views last week as squeezed motorists looked to find the cheapest forecourts in their area.

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RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said drivers “badly need a break from these relentless daily rises”.

Mr Williams expressed hope that retailers will “soon start to pass on recent reductions in the price of wholesale fuel” and said motorists would be looking to the Chancellor to “end their misery” by cutting fuel duty or VAT when he delivers his spring statement next week.


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