EastEnders spoilers – Zack Morris reacts to Keegan Baker’s exit

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders aired Keegan Baker’s final scenes tonight (March 17), as he bowed out of Walford with his estranged wife Tiffany Butcher.

Keegan’s last episode saw him continue to reevaluate his future, following his reunion with Tiffany after three months apart.

Viewers had been aware that Maisie Smith was reprising her role for a cameo as Tiffany, but her role in Keegan’s exit had been kept under wraps until transmission.


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Tiffany’s timely comeback enabled Keegan to have an alibi for torching his van, and it wasn’t long before sparks were flying between the on-off couple again.

After realizing that Liam’s meddling had prevented them from reuniting back in December, Keegan and Tiffany finally got back on track, and eventually departed for Germany together.

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Speaking to Digital Spy about Keegan’s happy ending, Zack said: “It felt good. When I first got sent the scripts, I was at home. I read the emails and it was nice – it put a smile on my face and brought a tear to the eye! It was nice.

“It rounded up everything that was left open with Keegan and any story that I felt was left open or that we didn’t delve into enough. Any unanswered questions for Keegan, the fans and myself, I felt like they all got answered in the end and I couldn’t ask for any more than that, I really couldn’t. I was happy with the scripts, I was happy with the director I had, I was happy with the team and it was really nice.

“It was nice to have a happy ending as we rarely get those in EastEnders. Everything is very doom and gloom – characters either die or move away, so it’s nice to have a happy ending for once. I never thought I’d say that because I do like the doom and gloom stuff too and I did get a bit of that, but it is rare to end on such a happy note. Hopefully it will be something that stands out and hopefully everyone enjoyed it. “

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EastEnders had announced Zack was leaving last month, after five years of playing Keegan.

“I feel good,” Zack said when reflecting on life post-EastEnders. “It’s definitely a mix of emotions when you’ve been in the show for so long and made so many wonderful relationships with people.

“I see them as my family so it’s like leaving home in a way. But I feel good. I’ve been fortunate enough to keep auditioning and get some other work. Things seem to be slotting into place at the moment so I feel good , I feel confident.

“I’m an actor first and foremost, and for me, part of being an actor and acting is trying different characters and acting different roles. For me, that’s just where I’m at personally and what I wanted to do. Fortunately, I have the confidence to believe it’s going to work out so that’s where my head is at at the minute. ”

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Keegan has been involved in some memorable stories over the years, most notably EastEnders‘highly-acclaimed knife crime story – which claimed Shakil’s life and changed Keegan’s forever. He also took center stage in poignant scenes about unconscious bias back in 2020.

“I always say the knife crime storyline,” Zack said when discussing his show highlights. “It stands out to me as the most challenging; as an actor but also as a person – to hold that and feel the weight of that. It was definitely my wakeup call on the show. It was a harsh, real subject that impacts a lot of families and it felt important.

“It was the first time I felt a real sense of responsibility over what I was doing – it wasn’t just a case of learning lines and turning up and adding my bit to it; there were real people and real lives at stake and I really felt that.

“I was quite young at the time too, but to do that at such a young age was a blessing to be able to add that to my CV and bank as an actor. That story will always stand out to me. The unconscious bias story was another one as well. It was about race but it wasn’t spoon-feeding you the race issue, it wasn’t so on the nose that it was too much to see. Instead, it was showing you the real, true reality of it and to have that on a show like EastEnders is so important. “

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“Normally when you’re doing the show, you forget how important it is and the impact it can have on the younger audience, but topics like unconscious bias, race, knife crime – it’s so important as they are going to be prominent throughout their entire life.

“It drills the effects of it into the younger audience as they are going to grow up knowing the consequences and not want to do it. Watching it at home can change mindsets and it really does. To be a part of changing someone’s mindset and educating someone through performing, that is beauty and it’s why I want to be an actor. “

Reflecting on the timing of the unconscious bias story, Zack added: “It was a story the producers felt needed to be told and I was fortunate enough to be at the front of it. As it was running, the Black Lives Matter movement was really prominent which was crazy and it almost highlighted what we were doing and gave it a push.

“We could never have planned it but what a coincidence. It really hit home with a lot of people – it was all over the news, and then you’d turn on EastEnders and see the same thing. If you can’t learn after all that then there is no hope for you, but I feel like a lot of people did and it woke a lot of people up. “

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Keegan might be gone, but that won’t be the last we’ll see of Zack as he’s landed a lead role in new movie Jericho Ridge.

“We are still making the film at the moment,” Zack said. “Then when I get back to the UK, I’ll carry on auditioning and I’m sure you’ll see my face again somewhere.”

EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on BBC One. All of this week’s episodes are now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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