Emmerdale twist as Dawn Taylor outsmarts Alex

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale‘s Dawn Taylor has been blackmailed by Lucas’s father Alex, but managed to outsmart him in an unexpected move.

In tonight’s (March 16) episode, Dawn (Olivia Bromley) hid the truth from her husband Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle). Her ex di lei (Liam Boyle) had asked Dawn to help him out of debt or else he would not agree to Lucas’s adoption di lei.

As a result, Dawn couldn’t partake in Billy’s excitement over becoming a dad to Lucas. She also lied to him, saying she would go to the dentist when, in fact, she had to comply with Alex’s requests di lei.


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“It helps if you know the code,” Kim told Dawn as she caught her fumbling with her safe.

Dawn opened up to Kim about Alex blackmailing her and forcing her to deal drugs for him.

Kim decided to give Dawn the money to set her free from Alex and agreed to keep the secret from her father, Will (Dean Andrews).

However, she caved later on and revealed Dawn’s whereabouts to Billy and Will.

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Upon discovering Kim’s money wasn’t enough, Alex forced Dawn to deal drugs in his place.

“I’m doing this on my own?” an incredulous Dawn asked when she realized she would be the one dealing.

“I can’t afford to get caught again,” Alex simply said.

Surprisingly, the police arrived in the middle of their deal.

Under the eyes of Billy and Will, who had only just got to the scene, Dawn was handcuffed and brought to the station with Alex.

“This is her losing everything,” Will said.

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In the finale scenes, Billy and Will were surprised to see Dawn leaving the station with Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton).

She confessed having made a hard decision, choosing finally putting Alex in jail over agreeing to his demands in order for Billy to adopt Lucas.

“I recorded him, the whole thing,” she told a disappointed Billy.

With Alex likely to be locked up, will Billy get to be Lucas’s dad officially?

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