Emmerdale’s Meena Jutla’s pleas are revealed

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tensions have been running high in Emmerdale as the fight to bring Meena to justice continues.

In tonights hour-long episode (March 17), the villagers were left rattled by Meena’s latest unexpected move.

The day started with everyone on edge, preparing to take a seat in court, as the serial killer’s case was finally being brought to the stand.


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“I just want to get there before I lose my nerve,” admitted Jacob, whose mood reflected many others’.

But when Meena made her appearance at the plea hearing, she had only one question – “Where is everyone?”.

The accused got an unpleasant surprise when she was met with a less than her ideal turn-out to her hearing. According to her sister di lei, Manpreet, the low attendance had been the villagers’ way of “starving” Meena of the audience she craves.

But, ultimately, that did not discourage Meena who, smiling back at the small group behind her, took her place in court. It seemed the young criminal might still have some cards up her sleeve hers.

When she was asked to respond to the first round of accusations of kidnapping, false imprisonment and attempted murder, surprising everyone in the room, Meena initially pled guilty.

meena's court hearing, emmerdale


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However, she went on to smilingly plead “not-guilty” to Ben, Andrea and Leanna’s murders, initiating a flurry of rattled responses.

“She’s lying,” screamed Leyla. “You admitted to everything else, why not this? Lei She killed them. Lei She killed all of them.”

Another person staggered by Meena’s words was Liam, who threatened Manpreet outside the courtroom that if he did not “get closure” and justice for his little girl, he was not sure what he might do.

As everyone put their fate on Manpreet’s testimony, the serial killer’s sister admitted she was terrified of Meena’s ability to twist things.

This was proven moments later when she suffered a terrifying panic attack. Afraid of being torn apart by the defense, while speaking with Charles, she started hyperventilating.

charles anderson, manpreet sharma, emmerdale


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Seeing her lose control of her emotions, Charles raced to her side trying to help her calm down.

However, after promising to come back for the trial, the next scene had a tear-stained Manpreet suffering another panic attack in her car. Distraught, she got out of the vehicle, abandoning her phone inside, and took off into the night.

Is Meena playing another game with Emmerdale‘s residents? And where has Manpreet gone?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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