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Because March is Women’s History Month, it’s important to advocate for the women in your life, and what better way than to spend it listening and supporting new sounds from female artists.

Here are five women you should listen to this month.

(Photo Illustration by Michelle Ibañez)

Rachel Chinouriri

With her unique voice, Rachel Chinouriri isn’t just a fresh new face, she’s a powerhouse. The UK based artist could land close to the likes of Jorja Smith, but Chinouriri’s interesting take on the indie-pop scene is where she differs.

With over one million monthly listeners on Spotify, Chinouriri just released her new single, “All I Ever Asked,” which is a catchy tune about not settling in a relationship. Her first ever release of her, “What Have I Ever Done,” an emotional retelling of a broken relationship. It is perhaps the footprint to Chinouriri’s artistic career di lei and a good testament to what people should’ve expected from her.

Orion Sun

Based in Philadelphia and falling into the category of alternative R&B, Tiffany Majette has all the aesthetics and the sound locked and loaded. Majette goes by the stage name Orion Sun, and it serves her well when she makes music that was meant to be heard while looking at the stars.

The visuals for her tracks are beautiful, and you can truly see she puts time, passion and love into her projects. Her newly released EP “Getaway” is soothing to the ears and rhythmic to the body. If you’re looking for new music to accompany you during your study sessions or even while driving late on the freeway, she she’s got you covered.

The Aces

If you like The 1975, you’re going to love The Aces, an all-female band sprouted from Provo, Utah.

Made up of sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez on vocals / guitar and drums, McKenna Petty on bass, and Katie Henderson on lead guitar and vocals, respectively, the quartet makes music for late night dancing and car karaoke.

Their newest release, the deluxe version of their 2020 album “Under My Influence,” includes three new tracks, including remixes of their older songs and a feature / remix from the band Portugal The Man.

With upbeat tunes and lyrics that anyone living in the modern age of love, relationships and heartbreak, The Aces are bound to make it on your playlists.

Jensen McRae

Los Angeles’ Jensen McRae is like if Lorde’s “Solar Power” met Adele’s “19.” It’s like sad-girl-autumn, but instead it’s spring and the days are starting to get warm.

Lyrically, McRae is a magician, transporting you to feelings that are conspicuously hidden. It’s hard to listen to her songs of hers and not be able to instantly connect with whatever feeling or experience she’s communicating. McRae shares her fair share of singles, as well as her di lei 2021 EP “Who Hurt You,” which showcases her alluring voice that matches well with acoustic sounds she heavily features.

Her new song “Happy Girl” is the first official single of her upcoming album “Are You Happy Now?” out on March 22.

Daniela Spalla

Get your dancing shoes on, because Daniela Spalla is taking you on a rhythmic trip through her memorable melodies. Her di lei song di lei “Estábamos Tan Bien” the breakup song about a plot twist in a relationship, is one of her most popular songs in the Spanish indie-pop genre, landing her at over 15 million plays on Spotify.

Her newest EP “Mixtape #Lloribailar” will transport you to the golden age of 80s Spanish music. Spalla has this futuristic melody that is almost a staple to the emerging pop artists in Latin America. The Argentinian singer is based in Mexico, and has collaborated with artists like Esteman, with their song di lei, “Te Alejas Más De Mí” having over 18 million plays on Spotify.


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