Man’s ‘wolverine’ diet sees him eating raw brains and testicles

Weam used to have a plant-based diet (Picture: Jam Press)

When we say ‘healthy diet’ you likely think of some lean protein and plenty of veg.

Not so for Weam Breiche, who reckons a raw meat diet is the path to ultimate wellbeing.

The health and fitness coach from Los Angeles, US, lives almost entirely off raw meat, often digging into uncooked brains and testicles.

Surprisingly enough, the 31-year-old used to be a vegan – but claims he began to experience health issues, which prompted him to give his diet a major overhaul.

‘I first made the switch to cooked carnivore after my doctor informed me that I had a lot of inflammation in my digestive and nervous system,’ said Weam.

‘As I adopted this diet, I started reading books about the benefits of meat and a lot of carnivore doctors eat their meat raw – so I decided to go for it.

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‘I’m reading several books on being carnivore at the moment and there are no complications to this diet.

‘It’s the ultimate elimination diet.’

There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that eating only raw meat is beneficial to wellbeing – but Weam doesn’t care, claiming that being a carnivore can do everything from reversing diabetes to preventing heart disease (again, there’s no evidence to back this up).

‘I’ve tried all diets and struggled with haemorrhoids, as well as anal fissures [in the past]’he said.

Weam Breiche eating meat and organs

He swapped to a raw meat diet to try to remedy some health issues (Picture: Jam Press/

‘Using the restroom was a struggle for me, until I started my meat only diet and now my digestion is optimal.

‘Raw meat is the easiest to digest and I don’t care what doctors say, I know what I feel.’

Weam shares his unusual eating habits – which often see him digging into a plate of raw organs as an appetizer – on TikTok, where he’s received a mixed reaction.

‘I get a lot of love from people who want help – especially overweight kids that struggle with confidence.

‘I also get tons of hate, especially from the vegan community, who continuously report my account and threaten to remove it.

weam brieche at the gym

Now, 90% of Weam’s diet is raw meat – and he says he’s never been healthier (Picture: Jam Press)

‘A lot of people focus on being in shape within the fitness world, but neglect actually being healthy – physically and mentally.’

Currently, Weam’s diet consists of 90% raw meat and he claims not to have experienced any complications so far.

While he used to eat 2,400 calories a day, he’s now consuming more than 4,500 to build up muscle.

A typical day in Weam’s raw meat diet

Weam’s typical diet before:

  • Breakfast: An almost milk smoothie
  • Lunch: Protein pasta with mushrooms and spinach
  • Dinner: Beans

Weam’s diet now:

  • Breakfast: Half a pound of raw beef, placed in a blender with two teaspoons of raw butter, half a teaspoon of salt, and raw eggs
  • Lunch: Two veal testicles, one veal brain, lamb liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef bone marrow, and raw butter
  • Dinner: Raw steak slices and butter

Weam Breiche eating testicles

He’s a fan of eating testicles (Picture: Jam Press Vid)

He said: ‘My favorite raw food is my concoction [in the morning] and veal brains.

‘I also like raw ribeyes and fillets.

‘I’m not a fan of raw chicken and pork – I’ve actually never tried them. I don’t even eat them cooked either. ‘

In addition to his raw meat diet, Weam’s fitness routine includes going to the gym seven days a week (often immediately after eating), having ice baths three or four times a week, and meditating.

Is a raw meat diet safe?

Dietician Dr Frankie Phillips, of the British Dietetic Association, has stressed the dangers of eating raw meat.

She said: ‘Eating some cuts of meat raw or lightly cooked poses a health risk, but provided it has been butchered, handled and stored correctly – with proper hygienic conditions – it may be low risk.

‘A’ blue ‘steak, or steak tartare, may be safe to eat, but it can’t be guaranteed free of harmful pathogens. Conversely, cooking meat to a high temperature for long enough reduces the risk of food poisoning, as harmful bacteria are killed, or denatured.

‘If eggs have a UK lion stamp, they are salmonella free, so should be safe to eat runny or raw

‘Raw milk is less clear and pregnant women, infants and elderly people shouldn’t have unpasteurised milk.

‘However, raw chicken is a definite no and food hygiene practices should be strictly followed when handling raw chicken. We would never recommend people eat chicken that is not cooked thoroughly as there is too great a risk of food poisoning. ‘

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