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Russia has unveiled its plans to replace the McDonald’s chains in its country with their own version, after the fast food giant closed its restaurants in protest at the invasion of Ukraine. However the Russian replacement Uncle Vanya has been heavily mocked and criticized, particularly for its copycat logo.

Uncle Vanya has kept the yellow font on a red background well known to fans of the Golden Arches, with the Cyrillic letter “B” representing the “V” in Vanya.

But Twitter users have drawn attention to its likeness to the original McDonald’s logo, flipped on its side with a yellow rectangle added to make it look more like the “B”.

The yellow line at the bottom does not however line up perfectly, leading to a frenzy of Twitter comments and reactions.

One user, @christogrozev, shared a picture of the logo on their Twitter account, saying: “The Russian fast-food chain that the Russian parliament’s speaker has proposed to replace @McDonalds has filed for this trademark. Not kidding. “

Another user, @CEOofBeingHomo, commented on the logo’s graphic design qualities, tweeting: “They literally just slapped the McDonald’s logo onto a yellow rectangle, they have to be trolling, right?”

The design of the logo was also attacked by @swhikt, who tweeted: “Could they not even find a graphic designer to at least try and recreate it?

“You can see they downloaded it from online and added the additional pieces.”

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Apple, Amazon and Starbucks have also suspended operations in the country, citing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as their reason for withdrawing.

Russian Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin told their parliamentary house last week: “McDonald’s announced that they are closing.

“Well, good, close down!

“Tomorrow there won’t be McDonald’s, but Uncle Vanya’s.”

Uncle Vanya is a play written by famed Russian playwright Anton Chekhov and published in 1898.

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