38 pics show how the city looked before Liverpool ONE

TV presenter Paul O’Grady recently reminisced about the time before Liverpool ONE shopping center transformed the city forever

This year it will be 14 years since the giant Liverpool One shopping complex opened in the city.

The creation of the Liverpool One shopping center was part of the Paradise Street project – a 250,000 square meter regeneration project in Liverpool city center by the Grosvenor Group which started in the early 2000s.

The project saw a £ 920m transformation of the city center, building over 200 new shops, 500 apartments, three hotels, 25 restaurants and a 14-screen Odeon cinema.

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The scheme also saw the bulldozing of the old Paradise Street bus station which was replaced by the new Liverpool One bus station and the complete redevelopment of Chavasse Park.

The open plan nature of Liverpool ONE means it now dominates the city, running from the Strand down to Church Street, which can make it hard to visualise how the site looked before it was built.

Recently, TV presenter Paul O’Grady reminisced about his life working in Liverpool city center before he found fame.

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He spoke about buying lunch at Cousins ​​Corner on Lord Street, and how the arrival of Liverpool ONE had completely changed the landscape of the city center.

So for anyone who is new to the city, or wasn’t even born before Liverpool ONE, the Liverpool Echo has searched the archives, including Liverpool Central Library and Archives, for images showing how the city looked before it was transformed forever.

The images center around the Lord Street, Paradise Street and Chavasse Park areas of the city. We’ve also included images starting at the turn of the 20th century which while we understand Paul O’Grady was probably too young to remember, it’s still fascinating to see how much this part of the city center has changed over time.

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