An essential guide to pre and post holi skincare to protect your skin

Holi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. From playing with gulaal to gorging on sweets and thandai, there are more reasons than one to love the festival of color. But, it also taxes your skin and hair to a great degree. The onslaught of colors, most of them chemical infused, long hours in the sun, color-infused water, and the heat can wreak havoc on your skin if not taken care of with a proper prep routine before as well as after the festival.

We asked two experts to share their tried and tested methods of an effective pre and post skincare routine that will help your skin stay protected and nourished.

Pre-holi skincare

Megha Asher, COO and co-founder of Juicy Chemistry suggests applying a suitable facial oil as “oils create a barrier on the skin and do not allow colors to penetrate through it. It also makes it easier to remove the colors later on. “

She suggests carrier oils like argan or jojoba if your skin is normal to dry, and oils like that of hemp seed or grapeseed if your skin is oily to combination. “These carrier oils are suitable for sensitive skin and kids, too.” Asher also reminds to wear sunscreen when you’re out playing Holi, something that Dr Geetika Mittal, medical director and founder of ISAAC Luxe, also suggests along with using lubricant eye drops, wearing sunglasses to protect eyes, and applying petroleum jelly on lips, under eyes, and cuticles for further protection.

Post-holi skincare

Taking care of your skin post Holi is as important as prepping your skin for the Holi day. Harsh colors can leave your skin dull and dehydrated. Dr Mittal suggests the following to help you pamper your skin post the damage:

– Wash with a gentle cleanser and make sure you don’t rub your skin. Wash off the color with a gentler cleanser using room temperature water. You can also use coconut oil or micellar water for better cleansing.

Aloe vera gel/ juice can be frozen and applied to soothe the skin.

– If you have any allergic reaction or excess redness on skin, take an anti allergic medicine.

Chamomile tea can be frozen and used to nourish the skin; this will help reduce any redness.

– Drink lots of water before and post to ensure your skin is well hydrated.

– Do not use any actives / chemicals on face pre and post holi, barring vitamin Chyaluronic acid and niacinamide after the celebrations.

– Do not go for laser appointments as your skin will already be sensitive from all the harsh colors. Instead, you can pamper your skin with hydrating and oxygenating facials to replenish.

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