EastEnders spoilers – Mick and Janine share shock kiss

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Mick Carter and Janine Butcher have crossed a line many fans have been fearing with a shocking kiss in EastEnders.

Janine has been scheming for months to win over the Vic barman by trying to sabotage his marriage to wife Linda at every turn. However, the final straw came after the news of Tina Carter’s murder this week.

Mick, and the rest of the Carter family, have been reeling following the news Gray Atkins murdered their relative Tina and stashed her corpse under the Argee Bhajee.


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In Thursday’s (March 17) episode, Janine took Mick took out for the day to get him to open up about how he’s feeling about the trauma of the past few months.

Janine pointed out she’d lost people too – her mum and dad, grandmother, Pat Butcher and three husbands. (One of whom she may or may not have shoved off the side of a hill.)

“I’ve been where you are, Mick, so just hear me out,” she asked. “You are holding on to this anger because you’re terrified of what’s going on underneath.”

Janine told Mick that while she couldn’t “fix” him, she wanted to help him “find a way through” by letting go of his pain, adding: “There’s no value in holding onto [pain]. “

She then insisted: “I will not watch you blame yourself anymore!”

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A frustrated Mick walked away, with Janine trailing behind him. Later, a concerned Janine looked on as Mick let out his pain by screaming at the riverside.

As the pair strolled the park in the afternoon, Mick stopped to thank Janine for standing by him through this tragedy. Mick even said he wouldn’t have got through “these past months” without her.

Mick got very close to Janine and planted a kiss on her! However, it was Janine pulling away this time, as she told him: “Not like this. Not today. Mick, your head is a mess. My head is a mess.”

eastenders, janine butcher, mick carter


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As Janine turned to leave, she looked back with a smile to assure Mick he’s a “good kisser though”. Is this the start of something new?

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