How to protect your hair from damage caused by Holi colours

Before you get started with Holi celebrations, keep in mind that artificial colors can harm your hair and undo whatever hair care progress you have made in the last few months.

But that does not mean you must refrain from celebrating this fun festival. According to Sanchi Sehgal, the founder Ozone Signature, artificial colors can cause dryness, flakiness, irritation and dandruff which may have a prolonged effect on the overall hair strength.

Pre-Holi tips

Before you step out to celebrate, ensure that your hair is well protected against all the damage. Sehgal suggests the following tips:

1. Wash your hair

Washing and conditioning your hair before going out to play Holi can help to restore the balance of hair. Also, post Holi, removing colors will become much easier out of an already clean head rather than a dirty one.

2. Oil your hair

After washing your hair, oiling your hair before going out to play is a good way to protect it. This will help in providing a layer between the colors and your hair by covering the cuticles so the colors won’t penetrate inside your scalp. This is an important step to prevent damage and breakage. You can use coconut or almond oil.

3. Cover your hair

Try to keep your hair covered with a scarf. Make a bun or a braid, as this will reduce damage. You can even wear a bandana to make your style snappy while covering your mane to avoid any hair color damage.

Post-Holi tips

1. Head wash

Before applying shampoo to your hair, make sure to gently wash it with water. You can avoid conditioning your hair as you can use a nourishing mask instead first to give added hydration. This will help in removing all the dry colors.

2. Hair mask

After Holi, your hair might feel dry and undernourished. You can apply a conditioner and a hair mask. These will moisturise your hair and help in avoiding breakage. You can even whip homemade masks with egg or yoghurt to take off the colors and nourish your hair naturally.

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