ITV This Morning’s Alison Hammond apologises as she breaks ‘presenting 101’ rule during serious phone-in

Alison Hammond was left issuing an apology to viewers after she suffered an awkward blunder during a serious phone-in. The 47-year-old was back at the helm of the ITV daytime show on Friday alongside Dermot O’Leary. It is the second time she has hosted the show this week, appearing with Phillip Schofield on Thursday’s show as she filled in for Holly Willoughby.

Joining the hosts on the last show of the week was Deidre Sanders who was back to take more viewers’ calls in her ‘Dear Deirdre’ segment.

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She was once again tackling a variety of calls from viewers, from one woman who was suffering with body confidence after having a hysterectomy when she was 29 and another lady, known as ‘Lily’, who said she has been avoiding everybody since she had given birth.

Deidre set about trying to help ‘Lily’ with her emotional call, with her baby heard gurgling as she spoke on the phone. Deidre told her she thought she sounded postnatally depressed and signaled to where she may be able to find additional support.

“Being a new mum is a tough stage,” she continued. “It’s tough and I think until we have actually been through it, we actually underestimate how grueling that feels.”

Deidre was back giving more advice on the ITV show

Referencing talking to her family, Deidre added: “They’re not going to judge you, they just want to come and give you some support …” but they were suddenly interrupted by Alison’s personal phone which started to ring quite loudly.

“Oh sorry everyone,” the 47-year-old present said as she swiftly stopped the phone from going off. “I’m so sorry,” Alison said again as she silenced the ringing phone with Deirdre giving her a wry smile before continuing to issue her advice to the caller.

But This Morning viewers were quick to comment and point out that Alison had broken some obvious TV presenting rules.

“How does Alison not know to have her phone on silent? Like TV presenting 101. #ThisMorning,” @djrustynail tweeted.

@Fluffadelic said: “F *** s sake Alison I’d have thought turning your phone off while presenting would be a NO BRAINER #ThisMorning.”

“Tut Tut !! No Phones at the Table Alison #ThisMorning,” @ZanderLaw shared.

Alison was seen trying to turn her phone off

@onRobz commented: “Classic Alison Hammond – phone rings during a serious phone in #ThisMorning.”

As Deidre finished up her on-air call, a slightly embarrassed looking, Alison again addressed her co-stars and viewers as she apologized again over her phone blunder.

“Apologies for my phone going off,” she said as Dermot replied: “Don’t worry it happens …” However, he then jokingly scolded her by adding: “But don’t let it happen again.”


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