Lord Sugar shares sweet tribute to Apprentice’s Stuart Baggs 7 years after death

Stuart Baggs, considered one of the most memorable and funny contestants on The Apprentice, tragically died in 2015

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Stuart Baggs auditions for The Apprentice in 2010

Lord Alan Sugar has paid tribute to late Apprentice star Stuart Baggs ahead of tonight’s semi-final.

The 27-year-old, considered one of the most memorable and funny contestants on the show, tragically died seven years ago.

He was found dead by police at his apartment on the Isle of Man in 2015. Police later revealed that Stuart had suffered a fatal asthma attack.

Stuart shot to fame on the 2010 series and his special collection of one-liners, not forgetting ‘Everything I touch turns to sold’ and “I’m Stuart Baggs, the brand”, continue to be quoted by devoted fans.

At the age of 21 Stuart had been the youngest contestant to ever appear on the show, and made it all the way to the semi-final of the series that was eventually won by investment banker Stella English.

Lord Alan Sugar paid tribute to late Apprentice star Stuart Baggs


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Ahead of tonight’s episode, Lord Sugar tweeted a clip of himself speaking about Stuart over clips of the contestant on the show.

He tweeted: “As it’s the interviews on tonight’s @bbcapprentice we must give the last word to the late great Stuart Baggs … #TheApprentice 9pm @BBCOne.”

Lord Sugar says in the clip: “Stuart was one of our most memorable characters and regretfully he’s passed away. But he’ll never be forgotten.

“What a great character.”

A montage of Stuart’s best moments is shown, including his iconic and hilarious interview with Claude Littner.

As Claude tells him to take a seat, Stuart hovers over and offers his hand, which Claude declines and instead reiterates for him to sit.

“‘Im Stuart Baggs The Brand’,” Claude reads from his CV. “What on earth are you talking about? You’re a 21-year-old kid. You’re not a brand.”

Stuart, who appeared on the show in 2010, is considered to be one of its most memorable contestants



“But I think when you look at what a brand means, it is-” Stuart begins, but is interrupted by a sharp-tongued Claude.

“No, don’t tell me what a brand means, OK,” Claude says firmly. “You are not a brand. You’re not a brand.”

But Stuart cheekily retorts: “I think I might be.”

Fans flocked to comment, with one tweeting: “Everything he touched turned to sold! Great character, taken way too soon.”

While another commented: “Nice touch. He’s one of the contestants that made the show.”

A third wrote: “So very sad, he was what the apprentice was all about.”

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