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Allwyn yesterday, on Tuesday, replaced Camelot as the operator of the lottery, which has held the role since its launch in 1994. After being chosen by the Gambling Commission, Allwyn announced it would put the National Lottery “back at the heart of our country “By” reimagining “what the organization means. This shift will involve the pushing back of scratchcards and so-called ‘instant win’ games’.

In an update published in the Mail, Allwyn Bid Chairman Sir Keith Mills GBE and Chairman Elect Justin King this will help minimize the damage these quick-play games are known to do.

They said: “[We will] reverse the slide towards scratchcards and instant win games, giving due consideration to the wider societal impact these can have. “

In place of these elements of the National Lottery, draw-based games will be given greater focus.

Sir Keith and Mr King described the move as putting draw-based games back at the “heart of the lottery”.

This, Allwyn stressed, will help to set aside more money for “Good Causes and the public purse”.

Reports suggest National Lottery profits grew from £ 29million in 2010 to £ 78million in 2020 due, in part, to the increasing dominance of scratchcards over this period.

But while an average of 10p per pound sent on scratchcards is set aside for charities, a greater 30p per pound is given from draws.

In its public statements, at least, the new operator has expressed a hunger to move some profits towards society-led projects.

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It added: “We will make sure the National Lottery works for all.”

The company, owned by a Czech billionaire, also stated its desire to reinvigorate the National Lottery through an increasing technological role.

But it stressed this would be in order to improve, rather than to replace, its “bricks and mortar retail to thrive”.

Allwyn admitted introducing these changes would be “no small undertaking”, but expressed excitement at opening a “new chapter”.

It will take over in the role of operator in February 2024.

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