Arnold Schwarzenegger trends in Russia after calling for peace

Former Terminator and Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is trending on Russian social media after he shared a video in which he appealed for peace.

Speaking in English but with Russian subtitles, Schwarzenegger addressed those who he called “my dear Russian friends” and said that he had decided to make the video because “there are things going on in the world that are being kept from you… terrible things that you should know about. ”

He spoke of his huge admiration for Russia and her people; about the Russian weightlifter who inspired him as a boy and the huge joy he received from meeting fans of his di lui in Moscow.

“I’ve had nothing but affection and respect for the people of Russia,” he told them.

“That is why I hope that you will let me tell you the truth about the war in Ukraine and what is happening there.”

He hit out at Putin’s claim that Ukraine needs to “denazify”, pointing out that President Zelenskyy is himself Jewish and lost relatives in the Holocaust.

“You see, Ukraine did not start this war. Neither did nationalists or Nazis, ”he continued.

“Those in power in the Kremlin started this war. This is not the Russian people’s war. ”

He continued:

“The Russian Government has lied not only to its citizens but its soldiers. Some of the soldiers were told they were going to fight Nazis. Some were told that the Ukrainian people would greet them like heroes. And some were told they were simply going on exercises. They didn’t even know they were going into war… None of this is true. ”

He spoke of his own father’s terrible experiences fighting with the Nazi Wehrmacht during the siege of Leningrad and how it left him “broken physically and mentally.”

“To the Russian soldiers listening to this broadcast… I don’t want you to end up like my father,” he said.

“This is an illegal war,” he concluded.

“Your lives, your limbs, your futures, are being sacrificed for a senseless war condemned by the entire world.”

Opposition politician Lev Shlosberg praised the intervention for the “respect” it had shown towards the Russian people.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger has a unique ability to talk to anyone with persuasion, respect and on equal terms. Wits, power and justice. Have a listen. Think about it. Understand,” Mr Shlosberg wrote on the Telegram app.

However, the BBC reported that a pro-Kremlin spoof account dismissed it as “the opinion of paid US talking heads” who Russians would not care about.

M.ain image: 23.01.2013. Moscow. Russia. Arnold Schwarzenegger at a photocall held as part of the world tour to promote the film “The Last Stand”, on the roof of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

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