GMT Trends Most Over the Last 7 Days with $442M Market Cap

Despite a smaller market cap than Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, GMT has gained the most attention over the week, ranking first on cryptorank based on popularity. Learn more about the STEPN coin and how it grew from $ 0.1003 to its current $ 0.71281.

What is GMT?

As per CoinMarketcap, “GMT is the governance token of STEPN, which is a web3 lifestyle app that revolves around gamification design and social elements. In the span of just 10 days, the coin grew from $ 0.1472 to its current $ 0.71281, with its all- time high at $ 0.844, as seen on

According to a tweet by CryptoRank Platform, 10 coins were trending from March 12 to 19, with some of them having market caps as small as $ 214k. Bitcoin was fifth on the list with other tokens like TRIBL, with a total supply of 1 billion.

Here are the Top 10 Trending Coins on CryptoRank:


  • Cryptocurrency name: STEPN

  • Market cap: $ 442 million

  • Total supply: 6 billion GMT


  • Cryptocurrency name: DeFiChain

  • Market cap: $ 1.35 billion

  • Total supply: 588,631,840 DFI


  • Cryptocurrency name: WorkQuest Token

  • Market cap: $ 351 thousand

  • Total supply: 100 million WQT


  • Cryptocurrency name: Tribal

  • Raising: $ 31.45 million

  • Total supply: 1 billion TRIBL


  • Cryptocurrency name: Bitcoin

  • Market cap: $ 794 billion

  • Total supply: 18,987,812 BTC


  • Cryptocurrency name: Oracula

  • Market cap: $ 214 thousand

  • Total supply: no data available


  • Cryptocurrency name: Itheum

  • Market cap: $ 6.6 million

  • Total supply: 1 billion ITHEUM


  • Cryptocurrency name: ApeCoin

  • Market cap: $ 1.77 billion

  • Total supply: 1 billion APE


  • Cryptocurrency name: Celo

  • Market cap: $ 1,317,716,982

  • Total supply: 1 billion CELO


  • Cryptocurrency name: Fief Guild

  • Market cap: $ 679 thousand

  • Total supply: no data available

The data presented above shows coins that are trending, but it does not mean they have increased in price. One reason that TRIBL is trending on the list could be due to its ICO as per its page on CryptoRank.

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What is an ICO?

Quite similar to an IPO, an ICO is when a coin, token, or DAO launches on the blockchain. This is when the project allows fractional ownership through sales of its tokens or coins that investors can purchase.

As per TRIBL’s description, it is a “payment and financing platform” capable of underwriting and even approving SMBs that are using a particular “proprietary AI-driven algorithm.” As per its tokenomics, 43% of the token goes into its reserve and community rewards fund, 18.58% went to early token purchasers, 32% went to early contributors, and 6.41 $ went to its Coin list sale.

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