Surgeon fears Katie Price’s body is under ‘too much stress’ from so many surgeries

Katie Price has gone under the knife multiple times in her quest to find perfection, and recently underwent a £ 10,000 facelift after flying to Belgium for a brow lift and chin liposuction, followed by her biggest boob job yet

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Lorraine tells Katie Price ‘don’t have anymore work’

A cosmetic surgeon fears Katie Price ‘s body has been put her body under’ too much stress’ from so many plastic surgeries.

The former glamor model, 43, has gone under the knife multiple times over the years, and just recently debuted the results of her latest procedure, after having a brow lift and chin liposuction last month.

She also had what she claimed was her 24th boob job to increase the size of her bust, leaving her family “horrified” over the op.

While Katie is no stranger to cosmetic surgeries, one leading surgeon has expressed his concern over the model and author’s health, and the strain she’s putting on her body.

Award-winning medical director Alex Karidis told the Daily Star he would never recommend any of his clients to have the same number of operations Katie has had done, and urged the mum-of-five to rest properly and give her body time to heal.

Katie has had three facelifts and she’s only 43


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“The more operations you have, ultimately the more stressful it can be for the body,” he began.

“As surgeons, we have the responsibility to be honest with patients and say whether the surgery is really worthwhile. I’d be very wary about recommending a number of the operations she’s undergone, ”Alex shared.

“All that stress on the body doesn’t bode well. It’s under duress when operated on and it goes into overdrive, so it takes time to heal, ”he added.

She’s also had another boob job


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The surgeon said he wasn’t surprised by Katie choosing to have yet more cosmetic procedures, but voiced concern over her mental health as he pointed out the star, who is only in her early 40s, has already had three facelifts.

“There comes a stage when you’re having this amount of surgery where you’ve got to step back and question why you’re doing it. Nobody criticizes Katie as she does herself, ”Alex stated.

Katie remains defiant over her surgeries, and last month, she spoke with Lorraine about her decision to repeatedly go under the knife.

She was recently spotted with bandages around her head after yet another cosmetic procedure



“I’m in my 40s so why not? Everyone knows I’m gonna do it and everyone picks on me for it but I’ll try these things, ”she explained.

“There’s so many people who have these tweaks and say ‘I’m natural’. Are you joking? “

She also revealed her mum Amy was shocked Katie had a brow lift.

“My mum was like, ‘what are you doing that for?’ I said ‘mum, I’m in my 40s and I had my whole career natural except my boobs and I’m going to have surgery,’ ”Katie added.

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