Tesco shopper spotted filling car with cooking oil as fuel prices surge

A man was spotted walking out of Tesco with a trolley full of cooking oil – which he then used to fill up his car.

Another customer filmed the man outside the supermarket in Congleton, Cheshire, on Tuesday afternoon. The video shows him at the rear of his car with the bottles of oil, before he then unscrews them and pours the oil into his petrol tank.

Mark Rainford, who captured the footage, shared it on Facebook with the caption “what fuel prices?”. It has since racked up thousands of likes, comments and shares.

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Mark told Cheshire Live: “I filmed it and as I walked past him he was taking all the tops off the bottles first, that’s what made me laugh. He had clearly thought it through.”

Hundreds of people were amused by the video, with some praising the man for his ingenuity and saying the car would “run just fine”. Others were more pessimistic over the vehicle’s chances of functioning.

One man said: “It’s going to be a busy night for the AA when everyone tries this in their modern diesel engines.” Another said: “Don’t go putting veg oil in your car or van unless it’s an old type diesel engine. You’ll f *** your engine up, it’s too thick and you’ll blow the diesel pump up. And especially don’t put it in a petrol car / van. “

A third added: “To use veg oil you need a heater in the fuel system and also the glycerine in the oil will eventually clog up the fuel system and homogenise the engine lubrication oil. The only way it works is to convert it to bio- diesel using toxic and dangerous chemicals. “

The video comes after a record rise in petrol and diesel prices, at a time where energy bills are also increasing. On Sunday (March 13), the average cost of petrol rose to 163.5p, while diesel moved to 173.4p

Putting cooking oil into your car is not advised as it can cause extensive damage to the vehicle. You may also be charged a fee from the government, as any oil substitute is subject to tax.

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