Top 5 Trends for End-point Security in 2022

Trends of end-point security are promoting the use of end-point security software

End-point security is emerging as an important approach towards the protection of computer networks. It is the popular practice of securing end-points of end-user devices including laptops, desktops, and many more. There are multiple end-point security software and solutions to provide the utmost security to organizations and precautions from potential cyberattacks. Let’s get to know about the top five trends for end-point security in 2022 for better protection in the nearby future.

Top five trends for end-point security in 2022


It is impossible for anyone to protect something which is not visible. Therefore, it is important for organizations to improve their vulnerability management programs by adopting vulnerability prioritization technologies and combining them with autonomous pen-testing platforms for better results.

Assurance over Trust

Companies will embark on and accelerate their zero-trust journey in 2022 to reduce the risk of remote work and other third-party risks. There is no single path to zero trust, and organizations are initiating this journey depending on their transformation maturity.

Hybrid cloud security

Organizations will need to implement a layer of security controls across their cloud, edge, and traditional environments. This layer of trust will secure the architecture, infrastructure, applications, and data across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Industry-specific cybersecurity technologies

Organizations will invest in industry-specific cybersecurity technologies such as industrial security solutions, connected medical device security solutions, private 5G security, automotive threat detection, and extend their partner ecosystem to include industry-specific cybersecurity providers.

Managed detection and response

Companies will invest in managed detection and response (MDR) solutions in 2022. Such technologies help anticipate and detect complex attacks using artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and orchestrate a response in near-real-time at scale.

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