Casualty spoilers for March 26

Casualty spoilers follow.

Next week on CasualtyStevie resorts to drastic measures when Matthew’s symptoms worsen, and Paul faces the consequences of his actions.

Here’s a full collection of the seven biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Stevie worries about Matthew


Matthew arrives in the ED exhausted after a night of frantic PTSD nightmares and Stevie wonders if he’s actually fit to be treating patients.

Matthew tells her to mind her own business, but Stevie is further concerned when she discovers his notebook. However, she is forced to put aside her concerns when a serious case comes in.

2. Stevie makes a worrying discovery

stevie, casualty


Matthew treats Curtis who has glass in his hand, and Michelle who has a serious laceration to the throat. Michelle’s wound triggers Matthew’s PTSD, but he hides how much he’s struggling.

Stevie is later shocked to hear that Matthew used a field medicine technique to stabilize Michelle and tries to persuade Rash to keep an eye on him.

To Stevie’s frustration, Rash goes on the defensive, explaining that Matthew is so diligent that he even keeps a record of every patient he’s lost in his notebook.

3. Paul faces the prospect of losing his job

paul, casualty


Paul’s been summoned to an HR meeting after passing information to Robyn, which allowed her to corner Councilor Miller.

Given his track record, Dylan admits that he won’t be sorry to see Paul sacked and makes it clear that he doesn’t have his support.

In the meeting, Paul admits that he’s made a lot of mistakes in life but helping Robyn wasn’t one of them and can’t promise he wouldn’t do the same thing again.

4. Matthew is confronted over his PTSD

matthew, casualty


Horrified by what she’s heard from Rash, Stevie confronts Matthew with the evidence in his notebook, accusing him of treating the ED like a warzone.

She insists that Matthew needs to let go of the past and, with emotions running high, they share a kiss.

5. Robyn is left devastated

robyn, dylan, casualty


When questioned over his meeting, a despondent Paul lies to Robyn that it was merely a formality but he can no longer work there.

As Paul prepares to walk away from the ED forever, Robyn is heartbroken at the prospect of him leaving.

6. Stevie faces a shocking accusation

stevie, casualty


Stevie is relieved when she sees Matthew talking to Dylan, only to be horrified when she learns that that Matthew has accused her of sexual harassment.

She tries to explain to Dylan that Matthew has twisted their relationship around to hide his PTSD, but to no avail.

When Matthew freezes again in Resus, Stevie announces to everyone that he has PTSD and is struggling to cope. However, Matthew manages to recover in time to stabilize his patient, making Stevie’s accusation seem nonsensical. She is then left further humiliated when Dylan orders her out of the ED.

7. Paul gets a second chance

paul, casualty


As he prepares to leave the hospital, Paul runs into Nicole, who was brought in – ostensibly – with food poisoning, thanks to a garlic prawn. She pretends she’s heading to the café, so Paul kindly offers to buy her a sandwich but is intrigued to discover she doesn’t eat meat or fish.

As Dylan and Robyn try to find Nicole to warn her that she’s at risk of renal failure, Paul spots her collapsed outside and rushes her to the ED.

Thanks to Paul’s quick thinking, Dylan realizes that Nicole’s been taking huge doses of speed to help her study.

Grateful, Dylan agrees to give Paul a second chance after all, and his day gets even better when Robyn agrees to go on a date with him. Could romance blossom between them this time?

Casualty airs these scenes on Saturday, March 26 on BBC One.

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