International Day of Happiness 2022: How to bring happy vibes into home and life

The post-pandemic world has certainly been overwhelming and filled with anxiety because we dealt with numerous experiences for the first time while adjusting to the new normal. The graph of our happiness has been turbulent, to say the least, in the last two years. Which is why, as we celebrate International Day of Happiness today, discussing ways to bring happy, positive vibes into our homes, workplaces and lives in general becomes all the more significant. Experts agree that happiness isn’t a destination that we’re supposed to reach, but rather a state of mind which anybody can achieve by bringing a mindful change in perspective and lifestyle.

‘Be it home or life, decluttering is the way to go’

Your state of happiness depends as much on your environment as it does on your inner self. Too much of anything can weigh you down. Hence, a clean and airy home, allows you to breathe peacefully. Psychologist Riya Parkhi shares, “Piling up of negative emotions or thoughts in your mind can affect your well-being. Similarly, a messed up room or home brings you down without you even realizing it. Practice decluttering, organizing and decorating. The simple acts of tidying up your room or wardrobe, buying plants, decorating your place with little accessories, etc. will improve your mood a lot. ”

She suggests getting rid of every item that you haven’t used in over a year. Unnecessary and out of use products are a big let down every time you look at them. “Especially if you have kids or pets, chances of your home being messy are higher. Assign a day every week for cleaning sprees. It may sound like additional work but once you get it done, you’ll feel a lot at peace, ”she says.

The same holds true for your thoughts too. The more you let go of negativity within, the more space you have for other emotions. “Lay down your thoughts whenever you feel overwhelmed. Give your thoughts some time and understand if you really have space for them in life. Letting go is an age-old but solid advice, ”Parkhi adds.

‘It is all about finding joy in mundane things’

While it may sound like a cliché, happiness is mostly found in little things rather than the big ones. A simple smile from a stranger, patting a dog on your way to work, your first sip of coffee or tea every morning, or even a regular conversation with your loved ones, anything that makes you smile equates to a happy moment.

“Delaying happiness is never a good idea. One should avoid saying things like, ‘I will be happy when I marry a perfect partner,’ or ‘I will be happy when I go on a vacation.’ Happiness is our natural state of being, but in its pursuit, we tend to look for bigger things like promotions, vacations, or a perfect partner, and put unnecessary conditions to it, ”shares Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Founder of YouCare, Luke Coutinho.

‘Mindful and positive living is a powerful tool’

Be it at the workplace or other social surroundings, Coutinho says there are certain factors which will always bring you down. With gradual opening of offices after a gap of nearly two years, handling workplace stress can be taxing. “Factors like comparisons, trying to be perfect all the time, being a people pleaser, or toxic thoughts can affect your everyday happiness,” he says.

Celebrating little achievements, talking to coworkers, friends or family, taking mini breaks throughout the day to do things you love, or even ensuring to eat your lunch on time will help you deal with everyday stress better. “Feeling happy starts with a happy thought. If I ask you to feel happy right now, you cannot. You need a happy thought in your mind to experience happiness. This is where the power of thoughts and positive thinking comes in. If the quality of your thoughts is largely sad and negative, you are bound to experience sadness, “Coutinho shares.

In order to cultivate happiness, Coutinho suggests a simple exercise of three little actions known as BRG:

1) Be one with yourself, sit back and take a couple of deep breaths to re-center yourself.

2) Receive and note the things from others, that made you happy, be it a hug or a cup of

3) Give thanks or acknowledge whoever made you happy.


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