Peter Andre worries fans with snap of bloody nose – but not all is as it seems

Peter Andre’s fans were concerned when they saw the snap of his injured face, but soon realized that it appeared to be make up for an upcoming acting role

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Peter Andre stars in trailer for film On The Other Foot

Peter Andre left fans concerned when he shared a snap of his bruised and bloody face.

But thankfully, the injuries to his nose and cheek appear to be make up applied as part of a secret project he’s working on.

The doting dad-of-four took to Instagram today to share a picture that suggested he’d taken a beating.

His fans rushed to express their concern, with one commenting: “What on earth have you done”

Another asked: “What the hell has happened here?”

A third worried fan queried: “Is it broken?”

“that looks painful,” another told him.

However, the 48-year-old’s caption let everyone in on the secret, as he penned: “Ouch !! #secretproject #comingsoon @therealfredinwaka”

Peter’s injuries weren’t real



And many people caught on, realizing Peter hadn’t actually been hurt.

“People look at his post it says” secret project “,” one suggested.

While another laughed: “I actually got worried for second then”

A trip to Fredi Nkwaka’s Instagram account reveals he’s an award-winning film director, producer, actor and motivational speaker.

And in his latest post, he’s seen posing with his arm around Peter’s shoulders, with the Mysterious Girl singer free of injuries.

Fredi holds one finger up to his lips as if to say “shhh”.

Peter poses with filmmaker Fredi


therealfredinwaka / instagram)

Also sharing the same picture Peter had, Fredi wrote: “OUCH !!! I Don’t wanna say to much ….”

Peter has previously shared how excited he is about his acting career taking off.

Last year, he showed a script to his fans and said: “Brand new film script we’re going to start later this year, I’m so excited.”

He was with Fredi at the time, who added in the video: “Trust me, it’s about to go down.”

Peter already has a few acting credits to his name on IMDb.

Peter – pictured here for The Inheritance – is excited about his movie career


Richard Mclaren)

After a few guest appearances – some as a character and some as himself – Peter wowed in 2019 short film The Inheritance, in which he played a heron-addicted former singing superstar.

The one project listed that’s yet to be released in film On The Other Foot, which is marked as completed but does not yet have a release date.

The film, directed by Fredi, is about a racist white man whose daughter starts dating a black man and convinces him to attend an African church to embrace her partner’s new culture.

Peter is listed as starring Justin, although it’s not known for sure if this is the “secret project” he and Fredi are referring to or if they have something else in the works.

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