Queen team plans airlift to ensure ‘frail’ monarch ‘makes it to’ Prince Philip memorial

Queen Elizabeth II, would reportedly fly in her private jet to make it to Westminster Abbey on Prince Philip’s memorial.

The event, that is scheduled on March 29, is only 15-minutes away by air from Windsor Castle- where the monarch is currently residing.

The 95-year-old was diagnosed with COVID-19 last month and there have been many reports ever since confirming Her Majesty frailty.

But she is determined to attend for the Duke of Edinburgh’s thanksgiving and officials are ensuring it is a smooth process.

Although the Queen was seen on her feet at face-to-face engagements at Windsor last week, her aides are not happy with her walking around 100 yards from the Abbey entrance through the nave and choir to get to her seat.

A source told The Sun: “Everything is being looked at to make sure the Queen makes it to Philip’s service. But the most important thing is to make sure she is comfortable.

“She must be there, and the best and most capable minds are hard at work doing their very best to make it work.

“The Queen couldn’t go to the Commonwealth ceremony because they couldn’t take her all that distance as it’s very uncomfortable in all that traffic.

“The best way is to fly by helicopter from Windsor to Buckingham Palace, then she only has a short drive to endure.

“A 15-minute flight is better than an hour in the back of a car. Some days she can walk around easily. Other days she cannot. It varies from day to day.

“The Queen has told her staff that she doesn’t want to use a wheelchair but they can give her assistance to get through the side entrance and into the Abbey to speed up the process.

“She can get out of the car in private with her walking stick and there are efforts being made to keep photographers away. But if she needs the wheelchair, then that must be done behind screens or once she is in the side entrance.

“It is then a considerable distance from the door round the private cloister to Poets’ Corner, where she can enter the abbey on her feet.

“Help and consideration from broadcasters will also be sought and required.

“This is the only way she can get into the Abbey. It needs to be as simple as possible and out of the public eye. “

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