Teeth transformation: Woman’s ‘life changing’ makeover after years of hiding smile

Sarah told Express.co.uk that she was shamed by her dentist for the state of her teeth and, because of it, refused to smile in photos. She thought about her teeth di lei constantly, before finally deciding to do something about them.

Sarah, 31, is a project manager in medical research and also competes in CrossFit competitions.

Describing her teeth, she told Express.co.uk: “I had yellow overlapping front teeth, a dead front tooth, which was darker, and cavities in quite a few teeth, which you could see when I smiled or talked.

“It was not a nice smile.”

Sarah thought back to her childhood and explained how her dentist was “really rude”.

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The 31-year-old explained: “You won’t find any pictures of me smiling, I would always close my mouth and make sure I was photographed from a specific angle as I thought my teeth looked worst from the side.

“I didn’t even smile in my wedding photos. I was just so used to smiling with my mouth closed.

“I even thought about my teeth when I was competing,” Sarah added.

“I used to be a body builder, and was happy to present myself on stage in a bikini, but I didn’t feel comfortable smiling.

After doing her research, the Londoner came across leading aesthetic dental expert Dr Safa Al-Naher, founder of new premium dental practice Serene by Safa in Knightsbridge.

Dr Safa conducted a deep gum treatment on Sarah and restored her teeth with active or historical cavities.

She and her team then carried out internal whitening of her darker tooth, to improve the aesthetics before applying a crown.

Finally, they fitted three veneers and a crown, and placed white fillings to disguise previous cavities on Sarah’s other teeth.

Although the treatment cost Sarah around £ 8,000, she said it was worth it.

The 31-year-old explained: “It was expensive, but it is an investment and absolutely worth it considering how it changed my life.”

She added that her mental health has changed drastically since her transformation, saying: “I have so much more self-confidence now, it makes a big change.

“I train three hours a day for my CrossFit competitions. Before my smile transformation, when I was training, even when I was exhausted, I was always conscious not to show my teeth, and avoid speaking to people when I could, trying to hide my smile.

“I can enjoy life in a different way now.

“I’m a better wife, I’m a better friend. I have a lot more fun now. “

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