‘Unruly’ man pulled off Dubai flight and arrested at Manchester Airport

An “unruly” man was pulled off a flight from Dubai and arrested at Manchester Airport.

Passengers described hearing the man “shouting and yelling” on the flight as it cruised at 38,000ft over Europe. He was spoken to by the cabin crew before being “segregated” from other passengers and ordered to remain in his seat for the remainder of the flight earlier this week.

Officers boarded the plane as it touched down at Manchester Airport to remove him. Greater Manchester Police confirmed a 29-year-old man was arrested and questioned on suspicion of sexual assault; affray; criminal damage; being drunk on board [an aircraft]; and threatening behavior.

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He has since been released from custody under investigation, police said. One passenger told the Manchester Evening News: “It was quite scary. The cabin crew were superb, they knew what to do.

“About four hours in I heard yelling and shouting going on. The chief flight attendant took charge. They kind of segregated the guy and put him on a seat on his own. The chief flight attendant told him she had the authority of the captain to say he had to remain in his seat.

“They took the passengers who were in the row in front and behind and relocated them to other parts of the aircraft. But he kept standing up and verbally having a go.

“There was no announcement until we had landed and taxied to the stand. Then the whole plane was told to remain seated until the police came on and arrested the guy.”

An Emirates Airlines spokesperson said ‘an unruly passenger was managed by cabin crew’. A statement added: “Upon arrival in Manchester, the passenger was met by police. The safety of our passengers and crew is of the highest priority and will not be compromised.

“The matter is now under police investigation. Emirates cannot comment further on the incident.”

A spokesperson for GMP said: “Officers questioned a man on suspicion of a sexual assault, affray, criminal damage, drunk on board and threatening behavior after he was arrested from a flight landing at Manchester Airport.

“Officers were called to reports of a disruptive passenger. Following interview the 29-year-old man was released from custody under investigation.”


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