Homeowners can earn extra £3,000 a YEAR by helping out drivers – here’s how YOU can be quids in

BRITS can earn up to £ 3,000 a year by renting their driveway to electric car owners, research suggests.

Homeowners could add at least 20 per cent to potential charges if it includes an electricity source, Halfords and rental site Stashbee found.


Homeowners could make £ 3,000 a year from renting their driveway to electric car ownersCredit: Getty

Charges already range from £ 5 to £ 10 per a day to £ 3,000 a year.

The cost can also increase depending on the location of the driveway being rented in the country.

And renting driveways and garages to commuters, shoppers and other motorists is a growing market.

Congestion charge zones, city centers and roads near football groups and other venues are popular for driveway rentals due to parking restrictions.

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An average drive without the 20 per cent EV premium goes for £ 2.06 per hour in Greater London, with the most in-demand driveways cashing in £ 3.09.

In Birmingham, the average is £ 1.39 and the top driveways get £ 1.97 per hour. In Manchester, the figures are £ 1.49 and £ 2.22.

There are also not enough charging stations or parking spaces for the soaring sales of electric vehicles.

Richard Bruce, Halfords motoring director, said: “We believe that private drive – ways could be one of the ways the UK can bridge the electric charging gap.

“Infrastructure on trunk roads is definitely heading in the right direction, but progress is slower in residential areas where roadside charging is more of a challenge.

“Getting homeowners to rent out their driveways and charging units could make a meaningful contribution to solving the problem.”

Around 40 per cent of UK homeowners do not have access to off-street parking and the UK only has 15 per cent of the electric vehicle charging points it needs to meet its net zero target by 2050.

And concerns about where to charge is the biggest concern stopping Brits from switching to electric vehicles, according to the Department for Transport.

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It comes as Halfords launches its own electric vehicle charger and installation service to let more households join the thousands already renting out their drive.

The motoring retailer said it is on a mission to help the UK transition to electric forms of mobility.

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