Princess Anne: Royal uses kiwi to staying fit and healthy at 71

Zara Tindall, Princess Anne’s daughter, has revealed the secret to her mother’s strength and vitality. The royal reportedly always carries something in her bag di lei to help her when her energy levels are low.

Princess Anne always carries a kiwi fruit with her in her bag, it has been unveiled.

Wherever she goes, the royal takes the fruit with her – either as a quick refreshment or burst of energy.

Speaking about her mother, Zara said: “She always has a kiwi fruit.”

This was published in bestselling royal biography Queen Of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II.

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Kiwis can not only provide energy, but also contribute to overall wellbeing.

The fruit has more vitamin C in it than an orange, as well as a large dose of vitamin K.

It is also often described as a “superfruit” and can aid the digestion of meat and other sources of protein.

Kiwis provide many immune-boosting nutrients and are also rich in antioxidants.

According to studies, when a banana has started to brown, it means all the starch and chlorophyll in the fruit has broken down into sugar.

Charlotte Norton, Medical Director at The Slimming Clinic told “The fact that Princess Anne exemplifies good health shows that she must lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

“While the usual weight loss rules would have applied, such as burning more calories than she consumed, eating lean meat, reducing sugary foods with little to no nutritional value and avoiding fad diets, there are additional things that I believe Princess Anne would have done .

“As you become older, you lose muscle mass. Strength training can help to compensate for this.

“Princess Anne is arguably one of the busiest royals and is known to lead a very active lifestyle with occasional horse riding.”

As well as horse riding, the royal also enjoys walking, which would also contribute to the maintenance of her slim figure.

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