Woman renovates ‘tired’ kitchen for £100 using B&Q bargains

Kitchen renovations usually cost thousands, which is why many of us put it off completely.

Melissa Preston, a mum of two from Northampton, knew she had to find a more affordable way to add some style to her kitchen. She decided to take on the project herself and pulled off the renovation for £ 100, saving thousands.

She shared her story to money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK which has over 2.2m members. The group includes posts from savvy bargain hunters sharing handy tips and tricks on topics such as DIY.

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As seen on LatestDeals.co.uk, Melissa said: “My kitchen was looking tired and tatty and didn’t go with the rest of the house”. She used budget paint and vinyl from B&Q, and even made a breakfast bar from an old wardrobe.

She said: “As my tiles were very old and I couldn’t afford to get new tiles I started to hunt for stick-on tiles but I didn’t like the options and the reviews were not great.

“Instead, I found a vinyl that has a tile effect and I fell in love with the pattern and style and colors, as they complement all the colors I’ve used in my house.

Melissa thought her old kitchen looked ‘tired and tatty’

“I used an old wardrobe door to make a kitchen breakfast bar and covered this in black vinyl.”

The V33 paint cost Melissa £ 29, and she decided to paint the walls in the same color as the hallway with leftover paint. Next, she covered the worktops in vinyl for £ 30, covered the tiles in vinyl for £ 30 and created her own breakfast bar.

She said: “I covered it in vinyl for £ 10. The paint and vinyl were all from B&Q. Then my £ 100 kitchen makeover was complete!

“It might not be to everyone’s taste but I love it. My top tips are to remember that the hairdryer is your friend when using the DC Fix vinyl. “

Melissa worked out that if she were to have a brand new kitchen, it would have cost her a whopping £ 6,000.

She concluded: “It can be hard to imagine renovating even a section of a kitchen for such a small amount, let alone the entire thing, and to such a high standard!”

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