Celebrity trainer Prashant Mistry reveals Sana Pancholi’s diet and workout routine that helped her get lean

Most people trying to get fitter and leaner, look up to their favorite celeb for motivation. But these celebs have an army of professionals who help them get into shape by losing the extra flab. They guide them, inspire them and motivate them to achieve their fitness goal. Dr Prashant Mistry is one such celeb trainer who has helped several Bollywood celebs get healthy. The certified physiotherapist has trained celebs like John Abraham, Mandira Bedi, Sarah Jane Dias and a recent addition to this list is Aditya Pancholi’s daughter Sana Pancholi. In an exclusive with ETimes Lifestyle Prashant revealed the diet and fitness routine of Sana that helped her get in shape.

Challenges Sana faced due to her weight
A restauranter by profession, Sana was not obese. She was slightly out of shape which started affecting her self-esteem and confidence di lei. Dr Mistry said Sana only wanted to get leaner and have a toned physique. To attain that, she did not have to follow a rigorous workout routine or had to make drastic changes in her diet. With a few tweaks and motivation, she managed to lose 10 kilos and got leaner.

Daily workout routine
Dr Mistry revealed that Sana gained around 10 kilos during the lockdown and in the time of 6 months she lost that weight. Her di lei daily workout regime consists of cardio, weight lifting, HIIT, crossfit and bodyweight workout. She performed these exercises on alternate days to make the workout routine challenging and target the right muscle group. “Her cardio workout di lei was generally 1 hour long and other workouts lasted 35 minutes to 50 minutes,” he added.

Diet habits
Along with an intense workout routine, Sana followed Intermittent fasting to expedite the weight loss process. “She fasted for 16 hours and consumed all the calories of the day in the 8 hours eating window. During these 8 hours she used to have food after every 3 hours,” the fitness expert revealed. She was quite consistent with her eating routine di lei and rarely enjoyed cheat meals. Whey protein and nutritional supplements were also part of her daily diet plan by lei.

Expert’s tip for people trying to shed kilos
When asked for tips for people trying to shed kilos, Dr Mistry insisted on making healthy changes in the daily routine. Eating a well-balanced meal in a moderate amount can help them achieve their fitness goal faster. He also stressed the importance of eating carbs along with protein post-workout to maximize the benefits of the workout routine. “Just like protein, our body needs 0.5 grams of carbs per kilo of body weight after a workout. If the requirement of carbs is not met, it leads to weakness and loss of muscle mass,” he explained.


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