Coronation Street finally explains Lydia’s grudge

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

After weeks of Lydia attempting to sabotage Adam’s marriage to Sarah, Coronation Street finally explained the reason behind her grudge.

In tonight’s double episode (March 21), Adam (Samuel Robertson) became a man on a mission after Sarah (Tina O’Brien) blindsided him by announcing she had filed for divorce after asking him to meet for coffee.

“The problem is you, Adam,” she told him. “Your cold little heart.”

Undeterred by the unexpected announcement, Adam instead became even more determined to get Lydia (Rebecca Ryan) to confess to her ‘deceptions’.


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When Sarah got up to get her coffee, Adam stole her phone, texting Lydia to meet.

Arriving at the meeting, Adam sneakily took his phone out and pressed record in an attempt to get her confession.

But during their conversation, Lydia saw right through his scheme. Disheartened, she grabbed his phone di lui, deleting the recording.

When the duo got into an intense argument outside the elevator, Lydia’s phone got smashed on the floor after Adam attempted to manhandle her.

And it got only worse from there.

During the altercation, Lydia dropped various truths about their past relationship. The three times – that she knows of – that he had cheated on her, how he disregarded her, and one act that had ultimately left her in pieces.

It was revealed that Adam had forced her to have an abortion after she’d told him she’d got pregnant with his child.

lydia and adam barlow, coronation street


lydia and adam barlow, coronation street


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“‘If you had any sense, you’d get rid of it’,” she said. “That is the last thing you said to me – a scared, 19-year-old girl who thought she was pregnant with your child.”

She revealed that after aborting the child, she had been left broken, dropped out of university and drifted from job to job in an attempt to put herself back together.

“Then I run into you, and all I got was ‘Lydia, who?'”

When Adam once again suggested that she told Sarah ‘the truth’, heartbroken and enraged from the realization he only cared about himself, Lydia slapped him and then gave him a shove hard enough that Adam toppled over the railing and fell.

Luckily, Daniel, who had been there looking for Adam, heard the commotion and arrived just in time to call the ambulance as Lydia made a run for it.

While Adam was being wheeled away, Daniel told the doctor that his fall was no accident and he was pushed.

adam barlow, coronation street


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Will Adam be okay? And where does Lydia go from here?

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