New Aldi store with 40 new jobs to open in ‘early summer’

The new Aldi store at Scartho Top will be open ahead of schedule in early summer, the discount supermarket giant has confirmed.

No set date has been finalized for the new store opening, which will create 40 new jobs. But Aldi bosses told Grimsby Live they expect to open early in the summer instead of the original time frame of September.

Councilors worried about the big increase in traffic on Matthew Telford Park with store customers and delivery vehicles, had warned the surge in traffic would come in September.

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They called for a relief road to be built as soon as possible. They criticized a four-year plan for a new road to link in with Bluebell Drive.

Aldi has also revealed the refit of the Aldi Cleethorpe Road store is due to be completed much later in the year.

ALDI on Scartho Top, Grimsby which is being built alongside a development in the area

The store has remained open to customers, although a section of the car park is blocked off with barriers. Signs tell customers the store remains open.

Today an Aldi spokeswoman gave an update on the developments at Scartho and Cleethorpes Road.

She said: “They are both progressing well and Scartho is expected to open in early summer, but Cleethorpe Road is much later in the year.”

ALDI on Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby where building work is taking place for their refurbishment
ALDI on Cleethorpe Road, Grimsby where building work is taking place for their refurbishment

One Scartho Top resident said: “It took a long time for them to get started with the new building. It looked for slow to begin with. But it has taken shape quite quickly now. It is great that we won’t need to drive so far to shop in future. “

Scartho councillors Ron Shepherd and Ian Lindley had earlier campaigned for a relief road due to the new store, a new care home and a primary school.

A further 850 homes are due to be built on Scartho Top over the next 10 years.

They complained Scartho Top had been turned into a mini-village, but without any facilities.

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