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Kaleb Cooper took to Instagram and admitted he was grateful to be able to share the announcement. The on-screen farmhand has become something of a TV star after appearing in Jeremy Clarkson’s hit Amazon series, Clarkson’s Farm.

Taking to the picture-sharing site on Tuesday, the farmer made the announcement amid his newfound fame.

Not only did he celebrate the first birthday of his son, Oscar, but he also revealed his new book, The World According To Kaleb.

The big news was met with applause from his one million followers.

However, Kaleb explained that his new offering will not shy away from what he enjoys most which is farming.

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In a lengthy post, he began: “What a day I’m having! Celebrating Oscar’s first birthday and finally getting to relieve this big announcement.

“As you all know, I’m not a big reader (the only book I’ve ever actually read is @ jeremyclarkson1.) So I’ve decided to do the next best thing and write my own book!”

He continued: “SURPRISE. It’s about lots of things, but really it’s about how I love farming, and why nothing beats sitting on a tractor and plowing a field – which, funnily enough, is where I did most of my brainstorming for this book .

“Signed copies of ‘The World According to Kaleb’ are available to pre-order now! Link in my bio.”

Isel Digital gushed: “How exciting! Currently reading @ jeremyclarkson1 year on the farm book, look forward to this one too!”

Big Nova added: “@cooper_kaleb please say there will be an audiobook version.”

Following in the footsteps of Jeremy who has also released a book by the same name, The World According to Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb will give readers an insight into life working on a farm.

The news comes as Kaleb and Jeremy continue to film season two of the popular Amazon series, Clarkson’s Farm.

But Jeremy recently admitted there are some issues with production after he revealed that every member of staff has caught Covid, including his cameraman and director.

Writing in his column for The Times, he said: “Since I started farming, I’ve always had a team of people to mend the stuff I get wrong.

“But this week, every single one of them was laid low with Covid.”

Joking that he isn’t even able to show viewers his struggles he admits that his cameraman and director have been hit with the virus, too.

“Luckily, I have led a healthy life so I’m still OK.

“Although it did take me eight hours to muck out and feed the cows on Wednesday.

“A job Kaleb normally does in about four minutes.”

The presenter took to Instagram on Monday and shared a negative Covid test, as he joked he was the “only man in Britain with one of these this morning”.

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