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The Queen shares a “very special” relationship with Princess Anne, according to a body language expert.

The comments come after it was revealed that the Queen only answers her phone to two people, her racing manager and Princess Anne.

Speaking on behalf of online casino Slingo, behavioral expert Darren Stanton has shared why the Princess Royal may have this intimate access to the Queen in a way that her brothers and other family members don’t.

Mr Stanton said: “I think the Queen clearly has a very special relationship with Princess Anne which is different to the one that she has with the three boys, given that she is her only daughter.

“Princess Anne is known to be quite a tough person and very good in a crisis and out of all of the Royal children, even though she has had issues in the past, she remains one of the most resolute and strongest members of the senior Royal Family. It is for this reason therefore that Princess Anne would be one of the few people in the world who has instant access to the Queen. “

“The Queen has always been a very strong person emotionally and she rarely displays emotion in public, although when we see Princess Anne and the Queen at the races and various other country pursuits, their smiles and genuine happiness is undeniable when they spend a lot of time together in the outdoors.

“When we talk about matching and mirroring in psychology and body language this means that each person is mirroring the other’s posture and gestures while in the case of Princess Anne and the Queen, if we look at photographs of the pair together, while they are dressed in country attire with the head scarf for example, the two look more like sisters than mother and daughter as they are in complete synchronicity and have a deep rapport.

“Princess Anne also shares the Queen’s love of all things equestrian, a passion clearly very important to Her Majesty, especially when we consider her racing manager is said to be the other person she will frequently talk with on the phone. Their love of horses undoubtedly brings them together. “

“Princess Anne had a very special relationship with her father Prince Philip. I think although Princess Anne clearly understood the sacrifices he made for the monarchy, she became much more aware of what he had given up and the things he did to support the Queen and the monarchy after he died.

“Like when an important family member passes away the dynamics and relationships within the family also change and evolve so perhaps the passing of Prince Philip has brought the Queen and Princess Anne even closer together, hence why she has this intimate contact with the Queen.”

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