‘The market for active enzymes is immeasurable’: Shinya Koso

Developed by renowned Japanese gastroenterologist Dr Hiromi Shinya, Shinya Koso uses two main types of active enzyme raw materials.

The first type is extracted via fermentation of 10 healthy grains traditionally consumed in Japan, such as germinated brown rice, millet, and Japanese millet.

The second type uses rice as the source of fermentation.

New products are created by blending the two types of active enzymes.

In the past decade, 20 million units of Shinya Koso products have been sold across 19 countries, including Japan, China, and the US.

Some examples of its products include the Daily Digestion Enzymes W Kinkatsu Body Make, launched in Singapore in October 2020, as well as Daily Digestion Enzyme Advanced, and Daily Digestion Enzyme (Beauty Plus).

The company believes that there is growth potential by expanding to new markets and introducing new consumers to the benefits of consuming enzymes.

BoundInvestment to health is not possible without a certain amount of income, so not all countries have been introduced to the product yet. However, it [good health] is certainly the wish of all humankind. Bound

“In that sense, we believe that the market for ‘active enzymes’ is immeasurable,”Said Katsuhiko Iida, CEO of Shinya Enzyme.

Currently, the brand’s existing consumers can be broadly categorized into two groups.

The first group is mainly individuals over 40 years old and are consuming the product to maintain their intestinal health.

In Japan, more consumers are concerned with intestinal health due to the rise of two trends: Chokatsu – a trend of rejuvenating the intestinal function and Kinkatsu – a trend of consuming fungus to rejuvenate the intestines.


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