Toddler found dead two days after being sent home from hospital with tonsillitis

Wyatt Rose Wheeler, two, died at her home in Duffryn, Newport, just two days after being sent home from hospital with suspected acute tonsillitis

Two-year-old Wyatt Rose Wheeler who died suddenly

A toddler died just two days after being discharged from hospital with antibiotics, an inquest heard.

Two-year-old Wyatt Rose Wheeler was diagnosed with acute tonsillitis but failed to recover and died at her home in Duffryn, Newport.

A doctor at the hospital said he gave the tot a thorough respiratory examination and there was no suggestion she had any kind of serious underlying health problems.

She died on November 6, 2020, reports Wales Online.

A post-mortem later concluded she had viral bronchiolitis.

The inquest today heard Wyatt’s parents Sean and Laura Wheeler initially thought she was suffering from a cold and gave her Calpol for three days.

However, their concerns increased when her breathing became labored.

Wyatt was sent home from hospital two days before she died


Media Wales)

The child’s mum then described her “staring into space” and appearing to suck in her ribs.

The couple phoned their GP, but after they were told that they may not be seen until the afternoon, they rang 999 instead.

In evidence read out to the inquest, paramedic Robert Huish, who attended Mr and Mrs Wheeler’s address on November 4, 2020, said that Wyatt appeared “very pale in color” and had a runny nose.

He described her upper and lower lips as being swollen in appearance.

“I personally had not seen an unwell child like Wyatt for a very long time,” Mr Huish’s statement read.

He described Wyatt as “pale, lethargic but conscious” and said that she was able to speak “but quietly” and indicate ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with her head.

However, while paramedics were visiting the home, a next-door neighbor came in to ask Mr Huish if his team could attend to her husband who had fallen in the house.

Sean and Laura Wheeler with their children


Wheeler family)

An emergency team went next door, then returned to say the neighbor’s husband was suffering from a cardiac arrest.

Mr Wheeler decided to take Wyatt to the Royal Gwent Hospital in the family car with Mr Huish following behind in an emergency vehicle.

They arrived at the hospital at 12.47pm.

The inquest heard from Dr Owain Davies, a registrar who was working at the Royal Gwent Hospital at the time and assessed Wyatt upon her arrival.

He said in a statement that he “couldn’t hear any wheezes or crackles”.

“I could see swelling on both tonsils … My diagnosis was that of acute tonsillitis,” Dr Davies’ statement read.

He told the inquest that he prescribed Wyatt a course of penicillin and discharged her to her home.

“At this time there was no suggestion of respiratory disease,” Dr Davies said in a statement he read aloud to the inquest.

Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport


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He continued: “When I assessed Wyatt I conducted a thorough respiratory examination.”

The inquest heard from Dr Davies that Wyatt’s respiratory rates were “normal” and that she wasn’t receiving any oxygen treatment when she was assessed.

Dr Davies told the inquest: “I didn’t have any doubt that there was any serious underlying illness and for that reason, I decided I would discharge Wyatt to her home with antibiotics prescribed.”

Mr Wheeler told the hearing: “We were told throughout that everything was normal.

“Everything seemed to be fine was the response that we kept getting.”

However, he said he noticed Wyatt was “breathing shallowly” and “in and out of sleep”.

Two days later Wyatt was found dead.

A medical cause of death was given by Dr Andrew Bamber, who conducted the post-mortem examination, as viral bronchiolitis.

Caroline Saunders, senior coroner for Gwent, recorded a conclusion of death from natural causes and said as she summed up the evidence: “Wyatt was a two-year-old girl and had a history of respiratory problems in keeping with a child of her age . “

She added that Wyatt had been “reportedly snuffly on November 5, 2020, at bedtime and that she was found unresponsive by her parents who started resuscitation and called paramedics.

She said: “Wyatt Rose Wheeler died at her home address on November 6, 2020, from the effects of viral bronchiolitis.

“The conclusion will be recorded as a death from natural causes.”

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