Volkswagen Releases Much Improved ID Software 3.0 With New Features

When Volkswagen launched its first ID-badged model, the ID.3, its software was riddled with bugs, according to many reports – it was slow, laggy, features did not work correctly and it all seemed like a beta version, not the finished product. By the time the ID.4 crossover debuted, most of the kinks had already been worked out, but now VW says it has given the system a major facelift, as the manufacturer puts it.

The new version is 3.0 and it not only irons out some known problems, but it also adds new and interesting features. The manufacturer mentions improved voice control performance, increasing the precision with which it recognizes commands – the system also knows whether it is the driver or front passenger who is speaking, and activates features on the corresponding side.

Next is what VW calls ‘Travel Assist with Swarm Data’ that is basically an advanced automated driving suite that is now even better at keeping the car in the center of the lane and, more importantly, it allows for automatic lane changes when it is deemed they can be performed safely at speeds of over 90 km / h (56 mph) when driving on the highway.

As in other vehicles that have this functionality, you initiate a lane change while the vehicle has its adaptive cruise control enabled and you simply indicate. The vehicle will then look around to make sure the maneuver is safe to perform and then it will move to the next lane on its own.

Another novelty is ‘Park Assist Plus with Memory Function’ which, as its name suggests, can be taught certain parking maneuvers which it should then be able to reproduce on its own. It remembers parking maneuvers performed at speeds of under 40 km / h (25 mph) and up to a distance of 50 meters (164 feet). It can also automatically perform more simple parking maneuvers too.

One of the best features available on ID models is the augmented head-up display, which is one of the best on the market. With ID. Software 3.0, VW has expanded the system to include new screens that show more information than before – it now shows symbols for upcoming roundabouts and it can also display the distance to a destination set in the sat-nav.

Many drivers, including myself, complained that ID vehicles do not display a battery percentage on the driver’s display – it only used to appear when the vehicle reached 10 percent state of charge, but now it is a permanent fixture, as per customer request.

Final change brought by 3.0 is an increase in the maximum charging speed of ID cars equipped with the large 77 kWh battery pack. Until now, most could charge at a maximum 125 kW, but now VW has increased that to 135 kW via this over-the-air software update.

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