7 top takeaways – American Express 2022 Travel Trends

Dream destinations are becoming a reality
Looking beyond the pandemic, travelers are eager to experience the dream destinations they have not previously visited and are embracing flexibility. More than half (55%) of respondents want to book a once-in-a-lifetime vacation this year; with younger generations even more keen – Millennials (67%) and Gen Z (65%). And three quarters are willing to book such a trip even if they might have to cancel or modify it later.

For those planning on taking a one-in-a-lifetime trip in 2022, 35% are most excited about visiting Europe, 15% North America, 14% Asia and 11% Oceania. Among some of the most popular once-in-a-lifetime trips recently booked for American Express card members are the Greater Barrier Reed in Australia, wine-tasting in Italy and a safari tour in East Africa.

Increase in booking trips to celebrate milestone celebrations
More than half of respondents say they are interested in traveling for personal gatherings such as weddings, birthdays, and graduations. Among the milestone trips American Express travel consultants have recently helped card members book are destination weddings in Italy, anniversary trips to Austria and family reunions in Colorado.

“Reunion, reconnection, and experiential travel have been driving forces behind the swell of bookings that we’re seeing this year,” says Frank PassananteSVP, Global head of sales at Hilton.

Major entertainment events guide 2022 travel plans

As music festivals, sports and cultural events return, there is an uptick in customers booking trips for specific events or experience with more than half (56%) of respondents stating they held off on traveling for major entertainment events last year but have plans to return to these events this year. While 43% say they are interested in traveling for entertainment events, 38% say they are interested in traveling for cultural events.

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