Corrie’s Adam Barlow makes surprising decision in Lydia exit plot

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street aired an exit for Lydia Chambers tonight (March 23) after Adam Barlow made a surprising decision.

Lydia is Adam’s ex from years ago, recently revealing that he forced her to have an abortion at 19 years old then abandoned her. Since turning up on the cobbles, she’s been stalking him and planting seeds of doubt in Sarah’s mind until Sarah asked him for a divorce.

A tense confrontation earlier in the week led to Lydia shoving Adam, and he fell over a railing.

Tonight’s episode started with the police telling Daniel Osbourne and Ken Barlow that Adam was alive, although needed surgery to fix a bleed behind the eye that could lead to him going blind.


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Daniel was adamant to the police that Lydia was responsible, but Adam said that he couldn’t remember anything.

Adam woke up a little bit later to find Lydia, who had evaded the police, standing over his bed. As he told her that he was truly sorry for all the pain and anguish that he’s caused her, Sarah arrived.

Lydia broke down and admitted the truth about the stalking and the made-up affair, saying that she did it because she saw Sarah as the first true friend she’s had in years, and wanted to protect her from Adam.

Sarah faked being upset, and as soon as Lydia’s back was turned, made a call. Before long, Lydia got arrested by the authorities.

“If you’re looking for sympathy, you’ll find it in the dictionary,” Sarah said coldly. “Between ‘shame’ and ‘syphilis’.”

But, in a big twist, Adam went down to the police station and told them Lydia absolutely did not push her, and with ‘patchy’ CCTV, they let her go.

coronation street's lydia chambers upset in the hospital


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Adam explained that he knew she pushed him, but lied to the police in order to make up for what he’d done to her. With that, they drew a line under the situation and Lydia got ready to leave.

Will Adam and Sarah return to how they were before, or will the distrust take time to dispel?

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