Crumpets cause debate as no one can agree on what they’re actually called

A heated debate has been sparked online over the humble crumpet as people from around the world have shared the different names they call them – and no one can agree on the ‘correct’ one

What do you call these? (stock photo)

When it comes to crumpets, the only conversation we usually have about them is what topping to slather on when they’re fresh out of the toaster – do you go for a simple spread of butter or get a bit more creative?

But it seems there’s a lot more to be said about the small bread, as a recent debate on Twitter has shown.

A social media user named Phil Sledge has caused a stir after sharing a snap of two buttered crumpets online and asking: “What are these called where you live?”

Thousands of people have liked the tweet, with hundreds replying – and it seems many aren’t able to agree on the name for the savory snack.

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Some people were adamant they were “crumpets” while others called them “pikelets” and some thought they were “English muffins”.

The official Deliveroo Twitter replied to Phil’s post, writing: “It’s crumpets and any other answer is just plain wrong. Thanks for coming to our TED talk.”

While Heinz wrote: “We call them circles of joy.”

Another posted: “I call them crumpets but my wife calls them pikelets. We were brought up in villages less than tree miles apart so I’ve no idea why she calls them by the wrong name.”

Someone else said: “Those are English Muffins here in Canada. I like mine toasted, buttered and covered in homemade preserves.”

A different user admitted: “I always knew them as pikelets until fairly recently when they arrived in the supermarkets as crumpets. Either way, they are good with lots of butter and sometimes Marmite as well.”

In an attempt to clear some of the confusion, a former bakery worker explained why some people might call them pikelets, sharing a photo of a spikey tool used in baking.

They added: “That was my first job at a bakery … putting the holes in crumpets. We used a special tool called a ‘pikelet’ hence the confusion.

“I later progressed to the more specialized job of putting the hole in donuts, for which I used a larger tool called a ‘dunker’.”

What do you call them? Let us know in the comments below.

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