Emmerdale spoilers – aftermath of Marlon Dingle stroke

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has shared new storyline details of the aftermath of Marlon Dingle’s stroke.

While doctors have removed the blood cut in Marlon’s brain that caused his stroke, they have explained to April, Rhona and Mary that they face a long road ahead.

In scenes airing next week, viewers will see Paddy and Rhona both struggling with how they can best support Marlon while Marlon himself bristles under the new physical limitations he faces.

As the Dingles gather to send Marlon a get-well video, Paddy buckles under the pressure of putting on a brave face and includes a substandard contribution.


Marlon is deeply frustrated over at the hospital during his speech therapy session because he has trouble forming simple words. Rhona can only look on in sadness at Marlon’s slower-than-expected progress.

Rhona tries encouraging Marlon a bit too forcefully, leading to his nurse respectfully asking her to ease off the pressure.

This whole experience has Rhona at her lowest point when Paddy tries to convince he’ll put in more effort, though she doesn’t actually believe him. Rhona later heads back to the hospital to apologise and share the family video.

rhona goskirk and marlon dingle in emmerdale


Marlon is willing to accept Rhona’s apology for putting pressure on him, yet he will not watch the family’s message because it’d only bring back memories of everything the stroke has taken from him.

As Mary questions whether Rhona is piling too much pressure on herself, Marlon makes a heartbreaking decision: he will no longer allow visitors.

Marlon will be left alone in silence as his family try to find a way to comfort him.

marlon dingle, emmerdale


Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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