ITV Corrie fans in disbelief over ‘ridiculous’ Adam Barlow twist

There was plenty of drama in Wednesday’s Coronation Street as bunny boiler Lydia Chambers finally told the truth following Adam Barlow’s horror accident that left him at risk of losing his sight. Lydia had been stalking her di lei ex di lei Adam after she befriended his wife Sarah and plotted to wreck their marriage in revenge for how badly the womaniser treated her in their university days.

During Monday night’s highly-charged hour-long episode (March 21) Lydia gave Adam a hard shove during a confrontation in a shopping center cafe. And Adam was knocked unconscious after plunging over the railings.

In the latest installment, doctors told his family he had suffered a bleed behind the eye and needed surgery. And as he came round from surgery they were relieved to be told that Sarah had come to visit him after threatening divorce.

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But his visitor turned out to be a repentant Lydia, who was there to apologise for her behavior.

After she was caught at Adam’s bedside by his estranged wife, Lydia confessed to tormenting Adam, trashing her own flat and setting it up to look like they had been having an affair. And Sarah called the police.

“If you’re looking for sympathy you’ll find it in the dictionary between shame and syphilis,” she told her former best friend in a parting shot. But then came a twist as Adam left his hospital bed and headed to the police station to make sure Lydia was freed.

Adam needed surgery urgently

“Lydia didn’t push me I fell,” the solicitor lied about being launched over the balcony. “Lei She’s not going to be prosecuted.”

And after putting his legal skills to good use he and Lydia called a truce. But Corrie fans were in disbelief.

@jambocaz tweeted: “Just after surgery Adam ups and leaves hospital Really ?? !!”

Adam made sure Lydia was freed

@ buncie44 remarked: “Adam made a miraculous recovery.” @ ChrisHydeCoope1 exclaimed: “Adam had an operation behind his eye of him like minutes ago ??? !!!!”

@UltimateBeouch said: “So a few hours after major surgery Adam is taking a walk to the police station.” @MeeshyJay wrote: “I don’t know which is more ridiculous Adam defending psycho Lydia or Adam being able to get off that bed and make his way to the police station with a possible bleed to the brain after that horrific fall.”

And @artStuvsSeaton observed: “Falls 20 feet onto a hard floor and nearly cracks his skull open – operation to remove a blood clot behind his eye – straight out the hospital and back on his feet in no time – Adam Barlow is definitely either immortal or from the future. “


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