‘Success is a very lousy teacher’: Ayushmann Khurrana

At some point in our lives, many of us have experienced failure which shook our confidence and even made us question our abilities. But the key to success lies in braving the storm, and walking ahead with more determination.

One such actor who worked hard and was determined to achieve his dreams is Ayushmann Khurrana.

In an interview hosted by popular YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia, Ayushmann talked about the importance of hustle and learning from failures in life.

He said that confidence comes from success. And you will always question yourself when going through failures. “Success is a very lousy teacher. Failure is the best teacher. It is your friend, philosopher and your guide. “

“I am glad I saw three unsuccessful films after my first film. That was a great learning. I still don’t believe that I am very confident and that I have a great script sense, ”he said.

“Audience knows the most. And you cannot be overconfident. You’ve to always be very practical. Your destiny can change every Friday. “

Talking about the importance of motivating oneself, he said, it is not always true that your partner will always be supportive of your goals. “You need to be self-motivated and support yourself.”

According to him, one can either get complexed when they are surrounded by a lot of successful people or get motivated by them. “I guess it’s the choice you have to make in your head and be sane in your head. Evolve everyday, learn something new, read a lot. That’ll never go waste. “

Ayushmann advised that one should not be surrounded by people who are just yes men, but by people who show you the real picture and encourage you.

He concluded by saying, “Life is all about timing. Success is when preparation meets opportunity. And if you have talent there is no lack of opportunities. This is the best era to be an artist. “

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