Emmerdale spoilers – update on Marlon’s recovery

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has offered an update on Marlon Dingle’s recovery following his stroke earlier in the week.

In Thursday’s (March 24) double bill, Rhona was again briefed by the nurse now Marlon has started to come around after his surgery – there was no telling how soon his cognitive functions could or would start to return but a recovery plan of some kind would be created by the care team.

Rhona was at Marlon’s bedside and he was able to communicate with her by squeezing her hand as she asked him questions. They tried to get him to write using a pen and pad of paper but it was still a struggle.


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“It doesn’t matter, I don’t need you to say anything,” Rhona assured Marlon while putting on a brave face. “It’s okay. I’ve got you, I promise.”

Rhona also promised she’d keep their engagement rings safe until they could both put them on together. Rhona left during Marlon’s cognitive tests with his doctor by him.

Although Marlon was able to show some very positive signs in pointing and following with his eyes, he still wasn’t able to move his arms and legs with full motion.

Though the doctor shared with Rhona there were reasons to be “optimistic”, she also encouraged them to be realistic that rehabilitation for Marlon could take months rather than weeks.

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“Marlon will have to learn how to do everything all over again,” she explained.

An irate Paddy upset Rhona by trying to get the doctor to be brutally honest about his chances, leading to her walking away from the consultation.

When she returned to the village to pick up Marlon’s shaver, Rhona broke down as she admitted to Laurel she isn’t sure if she can handle the responsibility of caring for Marlon.

“How can something so sudden be so catastrophic?” she asked.

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The two bonded as Laurel shared her own experiences caring for Ashley Thomas during his decline, with Laurel explaining that Rhona will be able to adapt with each passing day.

“And the good thing, right… Marlon will improve,” Laurel pointed out.

With Laurel’s wise words in her mind, Rhona returned to Marlon’s side to get the “sign of small progress” she’d been hoping for. Marlon was able to draw a heart on the pad di lei, giving her hope for the future.

“It doesn’t matter how much this takes or how long this is, we’re going to do it together,” Rhona assured him.

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