10 Things We Learned From Lita On Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions Podcast

If Steve Austin decides against an in-ring comeback after WrestleMania 38, then NBC should consider him as a stand-in for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. OK, maybe not, but ‘Stone Cold’ has some serious chops as a host – the returning legend always brings the best out in his guests.

Putting them at ease is a skill.

Of course, it helps when he’s actually friends with those he’s interviewing. That’s what makes the latest ‘Broken Skull Sessions’ episode so engaging. You might not have known that Lita and Austin were such good mates before watching. You also may not be totally aware of why their friendship blossomed.

Together, Steve and Lita talked about everything from her start in wrestling and short stint in the original ECW (including a nearly moment in WCW) to her Hall Of Fame-worthy WWE career and recent comebacks. Some subjects, like the well-covered ‘love triangle’ also involving Edge and Matt Hardy, were glossed over though.

That didn’t hurt the quality of this chat between old pals. By the end, Lita’s interview could be considered another banner chapter for these ‘Sessions’ Austin runs.

Here’s everything we learned.

Lita actually got her start in Mexico, but crashed into view for most fans by way of Paul Heyman’s ECW. So, how did she get there? It’s simple: Lita hustled her way onto shows. She heard from an indy worker called Lexi Fyfe that the hardcore promotion regularly held tryouts / workouts before cards.

Both turned up to an event in 1999 and hung around the ring van. When some guys came out to unload it, they offered to help, blagged their way into the building and then stuck around after helping to build the ring. In a ballsy move, both got into the ring and started showing off some moves that they could do.

That caught the attention of one Tommy Dreamer.

He pulled Lita aside and asked if she could put together a five-minute match with Lexi. The pair did, and that was that. Lita was part of the ECW roster – she went on to work mainly as a valet, but she had a foot in the door.

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