Mums furious with ‘outdated’ M&S description on Mother’s Day meal deal

Mums have expressed their anger with M & S’s ‘outdated’ description of their Mother’s Day meal deal.

The supermarket has found itself in the middle of controversy after the description of the £ 20 Sunday lunch was shared online.

It reads: “Let Mum put her feet up and tuck into a flavor-packed Sunday lunch with our Mother’s Day Family Dine In.

“This serves-four feast includes a centerpiece roasting main (such as British beef or a vegan roast), three sides and a sharing dessert for only £ 20!”

Many mums took to social media to share their thoughts ahead of Mother’s Day on Sunday, March 27, the MEN reports.

Claire Sparks commented: “Seriously. Are the ‘mum usually does the cooking’ adverts so passé.

“Mums are actually worth more. They work and do things more exciting than stay in the kitchen.”

Jen Campbell agreed: “I totally agree.“ Let Mum… ”is horrible.

“What, sorry, because Mum has no choice in the matter… someone else has to“ let ”her not produce a family meal, and only because it’s Mother’s Day?

“How about” Treat Mum to a flavor-packed Sunday lunch … “

Claire replied: “Seriously it’s so dated. Like mum’s key job is cooking for the family every Sunday.

“My mum rarely cooked a roast. If we had a roast my dad did it. Shock horror. Men can go in the kitchen too !!!”

Jen said: “Welcome back to the 1950s.”

However, many were more interested in the food itself.

Jean Kelsall wrote: “That looks so yummy.”

Margaret Ann Stenson said: “That looks delicious.”

Maggie Kirby noted: “This deal looks amazing in my local M&S.”

Kathy Freeman added: “That’s me sorted rather cook my own at home than sit in overcrowded pub.”

The £ 20 Mother’s Day Meal Deal is available in M&S stores now.

Manchester Evening News contacted M&S for comment.

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