Pint of beer ‘hike of 45p’ by major pub chain blamed on cost of living crisis

Marston’s, one of the biggest breweries in the country, has said that it is having to rise prices by up to 45 pence due to the increase in costs that is hitting the industry, it is reported

Marston’s has said it will have to rise prices, say reports

Beer drinkers are being hit hard in the pocket with the cost of living crisis as Marston’s is reportedly hiking its prices by 45 pence.

Many people are struggling to get by due to inflation and the rise in prices as they battle to heat their homes and put meals on the table.

In the hospitality sector it is also having an impact with costs soaring and in pubs the cost of a pint of bitter has escalated over the past year.

Marston’s, one of the biggest breweries in the country, has reportedly said that a pint is likely to break £ 4 for the first time.

The company owns six breweries and has more than 1,500 pubs and it has said it has had to raise prices due to rising prices including energy.

Pubs and restaurants have been hit hard by rising costs


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Prices are going to go up between 20p and 45p at Marston’s, with the average price in the UK for a pint of beer £ 3.96, reported The Sun.

The cost of beer varies around the country, peaking in London where there is an average of £ 6 and £ 5.10 in Edinburgh but it is also over £ 4 in many cities including Liverpool and Birmingham.

“The price increase is a direct impact of the soaring energy prices and operating costs as being experienced by all businesses and households across the country,” a Marston’s spokesman said, reported The Sun.

The Covid pandemic has put pubs under “financial pressure” reportedly said Nik Antona, from the Campaign for Real Ale.

She said: “Our pubs have been under significant financial pressure following two years of lockdowns, restrictions and partial closures, which is feeding these increases.

“From rising energy bills and the cost of goods going up, to VAT increases and the end of business rates holidays, pub owners are feeling the squeeze from all sides.”

The price of a pint of Marston’s will now go over £ 4


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Meanwhile, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been branded out of touch as Brits face the biggest income drop since the 1950s.

He was asked by BBC Breakfast which food he noticed was rising in price in the supermarket as inflation looks set to near 9% this year.

When the presenter said for her it was crisps, he laughed, and replied: “It’s probably, I think bread, probably is the thing. The one we buy I’m sure is now about £ 1.20 and it was about £ 1, from memory. “

Asked what kind of bread, he replied: “It’s a Hovis kind of seeded thing. We have a whole range of different – we all have different breads in my house, a degree of healthiness between my wife, myself and my kids. “

It comes a day after Iceland’s boss said food bank users are “declining potatoes and root veg because they can’t afford the energy to boil them”.

The Budget watchdog said despite Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement cutting some taxes, Brits will face the worst drop in disposable incomes next year since records began nearly 70 YEARS ago.

The Mirror has contacted Marston’s for comment.

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