The secret to a chic home is inside Marie Claire Lifestyle 5

Today, in stores all over Australia, a new issue of marie claire Lifestyle hits shelves with fashion designer Camilla Freeman-Topper of Camilla And Marc helming our cover.

The secret to a chic home is inside Marie Claire Lifestyle 5

For this issue – The Fashion Issue – the trendsetter let us into her effortlessly cool home to talk about her upcoming campaign to fight ovarian cancer. Because, as she says, ‘fashion is powerful’. The sentiment rings true for a cause, and also when it extends past the wardrobe and into our homes and the way we live our lives.

Inside Camilla Freeman-Topper's home

Dave Wheeler

Bianca Spender at home

Prue Ruscoe

Freedom's Miro table


Like always, this issue is a celebration of personal style, and a peek inside the homes of the style set. We’re also deep diving into the trend for luxury fashion houses to branch into homewares and translating the hottest new looks as they strut from runway to hallways.

Hence we present The Fashion issue, with thanks to our sponsors Freedom Furniture. From Camilla Freeman-Topper’s calm minimalism to Bianca Spender’s heirloom-filled terrace and JJ Martin of La Double J’s maximalist apartment, we’re embracing personal style as it seeps into life. A case in point is fashion designer Desiree Devari’s Balinese haven (pictured here in the yellow dress), also featured in this issue.

In fashion, color, materials and accessories are tools for presenting our intentions to the world. In interiors, these same tools can determine the way you and everyone else feels in your space.

The art of mood making becomes even more powerful when you add food and drinks. So, we asked wine writer Jonathan Leeming for the drops that will make you feel free. On the culinary front we’re serving nourishing brunches, Asian party food, and desserts. It’s more than a vibe, it’s a lifestyle.

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