Your travel questions answered, from France, Italy and Spain entry requirements to recovery certificates

I do not have a vaccine passport but need to go to Spain. I had Covid in February, but did not have a PCR test as it was obvious from my illness and the positive result from my lateral flow test, that I had the virus. A more accurate test is checking the antibodies in my system. Would this be acceptable for entry to Spain?

If you are not considered fully vaccinated but have tested positive for Covid in the past six months, you can use a medical certificate to prove your status to enter Spain. This must be from a recognized professional if you haven’t recorded a PCR test to gain a recovery certificate on the NHS Covid Pass. The certificate is deemed valid between 11 and 180 days from the date of infection on the date of arrival.

I had Covid during the Christmas holidays. Do I still need to have had a booster within the 9 months of my vaccination or will a certificate of recovery suffice for entry requirements to France?

Like many EU member states, France stipulates that the second dose of a Covid vaccination expires after 270 days, and that a booster is required from this point to be considered fully vaccinated for entry.

Recovery certificates are acceptable for arrivals from “green” countries, as specified by the French government. However, the UK is on France’s “orange” list and as such recovery certificates are not an option. Therefore, you would need to be vaccinated and boosted to enter France if your last shot was more than nine months before the date of arrival.

Do I need to fill out an EUPLF passenger locator form, or Eos form for travel to France?

French entry requirements are vague – you “may” need to fill out an EUPLF – the standardized passenger locator form adopted by four EU member states including France and Italy – and Eos electronic form, required of arrivals by air from “orange” countries such as the UK.

The sworn statement is a requirement of all arrivals, which you can print off in advance. On a recent Eurostar trip to Paris I did not see any evidence of these being checked at the border.

All three documents are free, and shouldn’t take long to fill out so you may want to complete them all for peace of mind, even if you find that none is required on your trip.

Our son is 12 and has had one vaccine, but not the second. Is he classed as vaccinated or does he need to have had both vaccines to enter France?

Your son will not count as fully vaccinated for entry to France until seven days after his second dose. However, he can still enter France if accompanying a fully vaccinated parent or guardian, if he has a negative antigen test taken no more than 48 hours before travel.

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Can recovered people enter France from the UK by showing their Covid pass or are they are treated as unvaccinated and need to take a test? I am unsure if this applies to my 15 year old daughter.

France won’t accept proof of recovery or recent infection for UK arrivals. If your daughter is unvaccinated, the only way to enter would be with a fully vaccinated parent or guardian and she would need to take a PCR or antigen test before travel. I recommend an antigen as it is cheaper and less sensitive.

My son cannot have his second Covid vaccination until three days before we fly to Italy as this will be 12 weeks after his first vaccine – will this be acceptable as fully vaccinated?

Like most countries, Italy considers “full vaccination” to be at least 14 days after the second or booster dose.

While technically unvaccinated on the date of arrival in Italy, your son will be able to provide evidence of a negative rapid lateral flow test taken within the 48 hours before entering Italy (or more expensive and sensitive PCR test taken within 72 hours of travel) to satisfy entry requirements.

Can you enter Bali with just a PCR test?

The Indonesian island of Bali has been closed to the world for almost two years, but restrictions are now easing.

British tourists must apply for a 30-day tourist visa on arrival (IR500,000 / £ 28) and all arrivals must be fully vaccinated.

Arrivals must also have a negative PCR test with scannable QR code, taken no more than 48 hours before travel and, be able to prove the first four nights’ of accommodation (pre-paid) and take a PCR test on arrival, and on day three.

They must also be able to show proof of travel insurance (minimum $ 25,000 medical cover) including Covid cover and a letter stating their willingness to pay for their own Covid treatment.

I have had both Covid vaccines and a booster. My booster will have been given over 270 days ago while I’m on holiday in Portugal. Is this a problem?

No. There are currently no limitations on booster shots – Italy has even gone as far as to say that a booster has no time limit. You will satisfy Portugal’s entry requirements unless it is deemed that a fourth dose is required for entry across the European bloc.

I think this is unlikely, but keep checking requirements – as with the first booster, adequate notice was given for most to be boosted for travel.

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